Tuesday, April 1, 2014

7 Reasons we don't take medicine

Typical American families have this dirty little not-so-secret stash lurking somewhere in their home, usually in the bathroom. No, I'm not referring to poop, so calm down.What I mean is a medicine cabinet.

Just speaking form experience and from what I've seen in friends' and family's medicine cabinets, the common items include things like:
  • blood pressure medication
  • anxiety medication
  • sinus medication
  • cough drops/syrup
  • sleep medication
  • cholesterol treatment
  • hormones
  • myriad vitamins
  • diet pills
  • energy pill/drinks/supplements
  • fiber
  • tylenol/advil/aleve, etc
  • laxatives and/or the-ones-that-stop-you-up..what's that called again? 

Anyway, you get my point. Well, I'm here to tell you that we don't take any of these things! In fact the only ones we even have in the house are tylenol and some vitamins that we don't take. Not only do we not use anything on that list, but also...everything on that list is treatable with herbs!

Before I get into what we're taking though, let's be clear about what  I mean by "herbs". The herbs I use are 100% individual bulk herbs. The turmeric is only turmeric. The kelp is only kelp. There are a few premixed items we like, but you can still identify the individual herbs. No fillers. No weird, unpronounceable ingredients. Also, the herbs you buy in the store are not the same quality or potency as what I'm talking about today. For example, turmeric is a common spice used in curries; however, if you buy a bottle of turmeric off the shelf at the grocery store, it's gonna taste great but if you try it as an herbal remedy, you'll be disappointed with your dud.

So, without further ado, rambling, explaining, or shenanigans, here are some of the remedies we've been using lately:

Pictured are turmeric, beet root powder and black walnut hull. I also use kelp, activated charcoal, bilberry powder, diatomaceous earth, peppermint tea, st. john's wort, eleuthero root, echinacea, cinnamon, and several others.

For the main 7 we like to take, I use this nifty little contraption to make my own capsules. The gelatin capsules come totally empty with two pieces. You put the tops in one side and the bottoms in the other, fill the bottoms up with herbs, them squish the whole thing together.

And there you have it...homemade herbal capsules.

And so, as promised, 7 reasons we don't take medicine:
  1.  Activated charcoal- good for detox, especially with chemicals/poisions. Also great for skin care in face washes, scrubs, and homemade soaps.
  2. diatomaceous earth- strengthens hair, skin and nails. Y'all...I have to trim my nails two or three times a week now just to keep them from being ridiculous.
  3. bilberry- treats arthritis and improves night vision
  4. beet root powder- this is a great multi vitamin, great for fiber, and works wonders for your skin!
  5. black walnut hull- great source of iodine,great for your thyroid, but also help detox your gut.
  6. turmeric- turmeric is magical. when we take it, we feel energized...more alive. I know that's silly, but even the hubs feel invincible on the days he takes it. it alleviates pain and tension, helps with blood pressure, treats bowel irritations, and so many other amazing things
  7. kelp- yes...this is like seaweed, and it smells like seaweed. you can do your own research to learn all of its benefits but we take it for two major reasons. First, it helps your body absorb nutrients from other foods. So basically it makes sure that all those other herbs and your healthy diet won't go to waste. Secondly, it helps block calories because it makes your body more efficient in absorbing the nutritional qualities of your food. It's not a magic diet pill, but there are studies that show it can successfully treat obesity, so I'm giving it a chance.
 Well, that's it. I know those aren't really reasons...I have way more than 7 anyway. But as you can see, we're getting so many awesome benefits by taking ALL NATURAL, REAL, STRAIGHT FROM CREATION herbs. No additives. No preservatives. No chemicals. No gimmicks. No nasty side effects. No carcinogens.

I get all of my herbs from Bulk Herb Store right now. They have great products, awesome service, and great research aids. And their prices are good.

Do you use herbs or other natural alternatives? Do you want to start using herbs? Let me know your favorite herb!

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