I'm not KP

♫♪Whenever you need me baby: call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.♪♫

Actually don't. 
Don't call me if you wanna reach me because I rarely answer my phone.
Don't beep me. I don't even think I have seen a beeper in over a decade.
I'm not old enough to say that.

Truth is, if you really want to reach me, you should send a text, e-mail, or heck! a good old fashioned snail mail letter. I suppose it depends on the urgency of your request. 

The whole point of this blog is to stay in touch. Mostly anyway. 
Other purposes include:
→accountability ←
→ journal←
→photo log←
→recipe sharing←
→ devotions/bible study←

All of these will be used to bring you my confession: I'm NOT KimPossible.
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a homemaker.
I am an accountant.
a maid, a chef, a teacher, a helper, a chauffeur

all things in moderation. in other words: I have perfected none of those things. Each of these causes struggle. daily. and I want to tell yall all about it. 

You should keep reading this blog if:
■ you are interested in wacky recipes
■ you want to occasionally read my devotions
■ you want to read about being a biblical wife/mother/homemaker
■ you intend to hold me accountable for challenges I put myself up to
■ you're nosy

For those of you that fit that last bullet point, here's my life:

I am married to handsome bearded wild man preacher. He has worked his way to an excellent management position and is so incredibly good at what he does. 
We have a 5 year old, a 4 year old and a 7 month old. We hope to have more chirruns running around in the near future! Yes, we're crazy. No I'm not KiM Possible.

It's hard. We mess up. We get tired and frustrated. But God's word saves us every time.
We are currently living in a tiny duplex that is bursting at the seams, but we are in the process of purchasing a home (wishing to purchase a homestead).
I am very thankful that I am able to stay home with the girls. Raising them is such a precious gift. being home also allows me to keep the house up, cook, bake, research, and take ridiculous amounts of pictures.

Life hasn't always been so great for us. We got married young (18 and 19) and jumped into a life together without exploring what that meant in detail. We bought a house(actually Scott bought it 3 months before we got married) just to have our own place. We had VERY different expectations of what marriage would be like, but never bothered to talk about it. Within 6 months of getting married, we were a single income (mine) couple with more anger and bitterness than we knew what to do with. I was stuck in the "I'm a strong independent woman and he isn't treating me right" mindset. I thought I was doing the right thing by working harder than him, by having a job when he didn't, letting him know when he messed up; I expected him to clean the house and change his habits, and be the perfect husband. I tried to be his conscience for him. It almost cost us our marriage.

Even throughout my first pregnancy and for probably the first 6 months of our first daughter's life, I was bitter and felt like I deserved better. The truth is, I have the best husband for me. He is an incredible blessing. All that time, I was the one who needed to change. That sentence is the single hardest thing I have had to admit in my entire life. It took me almost a year of saying it to actually believe it in my heart. I have seen a radical transformation in my self and my marriage just by deciding to put my husband before myself. I've stopped demanding from him and started giving to him. I've stopped trying to play God and started to trust that the Holy Spirit is capable of convicting him when needed. And he has become the man he was meant to be. All of a sudden, my husband is strong, commanding, loving, gentle, helpful, and even apologetic at times. He comes home from work and is happy to see me. He even helps around the house when he sees that I need a hand. This man, who I thought was horrible, selfish, self serving, demanding, weak, etc is actually a KING. I was just missing the big picture because I was so selfish. Edit: I'm writing this 3 years later and let me just tell you, life is sweet. That man that I thought was such a jerk is now my best friend. It's lame and sappy but I can't even describe how much I am in love with him. And to top it all off, he is a preacher and a missionary! God has blessed us so abundantly and I'm well aware that it is despite anything that I have done.

I thank God every day that he helped me realize just how amazing my man is. Our marriage grows every day. Our love grows every day. Our beautiful chirruns grow every day. That's what this life is about.

Have you felt this way and struggled through to a great marriage?
Are you still striving for a holy marriage?
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If that doesn't satisfy your curiosity, e-mail or comment a question. I would love to have something to post about!

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