Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Deets

When I saw this link up on Mama's blog, I knew I wanted to write a post for it.
I think about our wedding a lot, and I just want to tell everyone what I loved, what I regret, what I wish I had done, and just be done with it so I don't have to dwell on it anymore.

We didn't really want a wedding in the first place, so weren't super enthusiastic about planning it.
I knew that I wanted to get married on the 13th because my parent's first date was june 13th and they were married on May 13th. So I knew I wanted to have something special to share with them.
That year the only 13ths on a saturday were February or June. We had a pastor in mind already and liked his church for the  venue, and in June, they would have VBS with the sanctuary decorated as a jungle. So we went with february.
The day before Valentines. I know. so Cliche.

 It ended up being a beautiful day. Even though it was freezing, the roads were iced over, and some of the wedding party wasn't even able to come to rehearsal, the snow was gorgeous that day.
And I think we only had 2 or 3 guests who didn't make it.

 We had no clue about anything so we had my mom's good friend Carol be our planner/coordinator. She definitely saved the day. We didn't even know the order of procession without her!

 The rehearsal was perfect for me. We had fun, enjoyed dressing up, and had a delicious dinner!

My favorite part of the wedding was the patriotic theme. I know it's goofy but the red white and blue was really pretty and Scott was so much more comfortable wearing his ACUs instead of dressing up. Plus camo is always sexy.

I wish that we had done either a more intimate wedding or just gone all out and had like 500 people.
We had about 50 guests, and the only reason we did that is because we were "supposed to".
I mean, we loved everyone who came, but it wasn't what we wanted.
Parents, Maid of Honor, and Best Man would have made us happy.

I absolutely do not regret my choice for Maid of Honor.
My cousin Jessy is one of my best friends.
She is beautiful and I am incredibly blessed that she was part of that day.
I loved my other bridesmaids too, but now with Pinterest and all, I realize that there's actually a purpose for them. Mine just kind of bought dresses, took me out for a bachelorette party and showed up to the wedding...I didn't really involve them in anything. Oops.

I loved my dress and the matching one my flower girl wore. I wish I had bought the stupid thing that goes under the dress to make the skirt poof out really big, like the flower girl's does. 

I am so thankful she was able to be in our wedding because her parents have been a part of my life since I was really young. They used to watch me for my parents and both have worked for my parents. In fact, her dad is still their General Manager and he's a great guy!

Probably the best part of the actual ceremony was the kiss.
the whole crowd laughed cause it look like Scooter grabbed my butt.
We were so relieved to have it done!
And it was so exhausting for us because we were so uncomfortable, we ended up looking depressed. But I promise we were so happy!
Here, we're both thinking "why didn't we just elope instead of all this mess?"

Another thing that I LOVED about my wedding was my dad's outfit. My dad is 5'6" tall and my mom is almost 6 feet. I chose for my dad to wear a WHITE tux! and it was amazing:)

I also wish that we had had a private wedding then had a massive reception party.
That being said, though, our reception was exactly what we wanted/needed after being so uncomfortable during the wedding.
Neither of us wanted to have everyone looking at us, but whatever.
For the reception, we went all redneck.
Scott's cake was a S&W 500 revolver, which he cut with a spade.
We had Mexican food catered!
I wish we hadn't done all the normal stuff like the first dance and garter and all that. 
we just aren't those kind of people I guess.
And I totally wish we had done a funny dance with the whole wedding party.

Our vows weren't anything special or creative. They were pretty basic. But I am so blessed to have had Jack marry us because he really influenced the course of our marriage. Before he agreed to marry us, he required several sessions of premarital counseling with him and his wife.
He also told us that only way he would do it was if we committed to him to NEVER let divorce be an option.
That promise we made to him saved us in the low point of our relationship. I thank God for Jack because he kept us together.
And lastly, I was pretty happy with the groomsmen. They didn't do anything too wild or crazy. They tried to prank the truck with vaseline on the shifter and baby powder in the A/C vents. Unfortunately, Scott grabbed the gear stick in a strange place and didn't get the goop on him, and the AC in the truck wasn't very good so the baby powder just kind of fell out instead of bursting onto us.

 All in all, when I think about my wedding, I remember the special message on our tailgate.
I could have married Mitch.


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