Friday, August 30, 2013

Skittles in a Muffin Tin

Well, I have some positive news to share...
Maddy is a little fashionista; however, she's not wearing anything from the waist down.
We should work on that.
Also, her hair is getting long.
Some negative news...Pinterest FAIL.
I saw a post about making hard corn taco shells.
Oh, just prop them on the bottom of a muffin tin and bake them.
Oh, they're so perfect and crispy.
Oh, it's so simple.
Oh, only an idiot could mess this up.

here's where I followed the directions.

And here's where I failed, for the first time...
The dang things split right up the middle. 
Who wants a crack in their taco shell...
It's like,"ugh my taco has a butt and it's leaking junk everywhere"

So to avoid the taco butts, I tried again.
Yes, I tossed the tacos with butts and started fresh. 
This time, i waited until the oven was ready and immediately threw those suckers in before they could grow butt cracks.

Nope. No good, folks.
I almost just served them like this.
But lets be honest...these don't look super tasty.
 So in the end, I decided life was simpler without pinterest and that really, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
So I fried those babies up in coconut oil.

And the next day...Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forrest.
uh, I mean...
The next day, Scott got really thirsty.
As in, "I better get this half gallon cup of sprite".
yes. A half gallon.
It actually sits all the way in the cup holder.

And for my genius moment of the week..
Skittles in a muffin tin.
Pin that...ha!
Also, when this got too boring, I just gave her tongs to play with. 
She only ate about 6 skittles and managed to play with the rest for about an hour!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shoulda Been a Baller, Shot-caller

When the lights go down in the city, well...that's just typical Albany. 
Nothing ever works.

 A rainy night in Georgia...heck, more like a rainy month. 

Dang...I was planning on starting my blog with some good lyrics...
I think I'll have to share some Family Force 5

 I shoulda been a baller, shot-caller
 But I'm just blue collar
 I got my job in Georgia 
Tryin' to get a piece of that peach cobbler

 Chasing down that paper 
Need a money-maker

 I spent my life lookin' for a discount
 Now I thank God for the handout

 I can't afford to live this way 
I barely live off what I make
 Running round for money 
Begging on my knees
 Living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck to paycheck 

Girly is ready for some range time:)

Why, yes. They do make full body suit PJs for a 2 year old. I think it's hilarious.

This is Greta. On Greta's couch. In Greta's house. Oh, and Hi, I'm Kimb, Greta's human.

Chunk. She is just so darn cute:)

The perfect ingredients for a great evening at home!

See? She's so stankin adorable. It's the fat rolls.

She's not asleep. She's refusing to have her picture taken.

This one, though, IS asleep. Look how droopy her fat cheeks get when she sleeps:)

Look! Fat cheeks! That's the best thing in the whole wide world.

Melts my heart:)

Wearing mickey ears in an attempt to avoid more photos.

Avoiding more photos.

Do you see the pattern here? I have a problem child.

Since Maddy wont cooperate, I'll just steal quick shots of Chunk.

She likes to pester Greta.

But they're BFFs.

being all cute at dinner

She is just growing up SO fast. Look her. Sitting there like a big girl, drinking some lemonade.

This is how I gt photos of Maddy. i think I'm inadvertently teaching my child to creep.

This has been our lunch this week. pepperoni slices and cheese, and chicken salad lettuce wraps. yum!

Moo Moo was rocking the bump. how cute.

Family Force 5 got it right.

Monday, August 26, 2013

NKP News Channel 0

Well, folks. Looks like today will be a bit nicer in the great city of All-binny. The sun is shining, the weeds are growing, and chirruns are running nekkid.

In other news, Lillee is standing up on her own and will probably walk in the next week or so. Maddy is learning all sorts of new words. Authorities say she'll be graduating college in no time at all.

This just in....dishes, clothes, and tile floors DO NOT wash themselves. We'll have a busy day of scrubbing and scouring. That's all for today folks. We'll see you next time in the 9:52am news on NKP:)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Purple Panties and Dump-In Casserole

Today I have another awesome Gluten Free recipe to share.
You can totally eat this even if you're not trying to avoid gluten, and you can replace everything with canned versions if you're in a rush.
But I'm pretty chill most of the time so I like to do fresh.
Anyway, you throw some tore-till-uh chips in a pan. 
I did some crumbled and some whole.
 Then you use this old-fashioned-learned-it-from-my-granny trick to peel your tomatoes.
Just dump some boiling water over them.
Then pull them out one at a time, slice off the ends, and the skin just slides right off.
Maybe that's common knowledge but I learned it from my Granny so it's special to me. you dice up your tomato then chop up a jalapeno.
 Then, since you do everything totally out of order, fry up some fajita chicken and throw it on top of your chips.
 Then sprinkle you tomatoes and peppers with salt and lemon juice and stir it up.
 Dump your tomato mix, black beans and whole kernel corn on top of the chicken.
 Then mix up some sharp cheddar, sour cream, salt and peppah, garlic powder, cumin and paprika.
Don't measure.
Or do.
 Then slap it all over the top of everything you just dumped.
 And bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

It was so good. The corn was crunchy, the chips got just slightly soggy like a crust, the tomatoes and peppers were super fresh and the cheese and sour cream got all extra creamy and bubbly. 

And then there's this. In case your day wasn't already awesome, here's some bed head, purple panties and high heels.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gluten Free aint so bad

Scott and I been gluten free for over a week now!
We've had a few minor slip ups, and Scott is only about 90% committed, but that's still pretty good!

For us, gluten free meals are pretty easy. 
But...sometimes I have to get creative. 
A few days ago Scott was having a craving for greasy cheeseburgers and was getting ready to head to Burger King for something nasty.

And so I ran in the kitchen and out of nowhere, whipped up these cheesy steak taters.

Here's what you'll need:
red potatoes (I used one potato for each of us, but if it had been dinner I'd have done more)
the cheapest thinnest steak you can find
sharp cheddar cheese
salt, pepper, steak seasoning
green onions

First you'll slice your potatoes. The best ones were about a 1/4 inch thick.
Throw them in some water and boil them for maybe 5 minutes, just to help them get started.
 Meanwhile, you'll want to get your skillet on the heat and let you butter start getting melty and delicious.

 Slice your thin/cheap steak (mine was labeled "thin cut steak") into little slivers similar to fajitas. Toss it in your favorite steak seasonings.
Make sure you read the label! Some are contaminated.
Cross contamination with gluten doesn't bother me at all, but I think it might affect Scott. It's hard to tell since he cheats.
 By now you butter is smelling good and coats your whole skillet.
 So throw your steak in there and toss em around a little. It really won't take long at all.
While the steak is frying up, grate your cheese and eat the handful you accidentally grated as extra.
 Then drain your taters and lay them flat in a pan. I didn't have many potatoes so I used this 8 inch cake round.
 Then top the slices with a generous slice of butter and try not to lick it off as it melts.
Yes, I have a problem.
 Then sprinkle some salt and pepper over the butter (garlic power is excellent too but mine "may contain" wheat).
Then sprinkle on your cheese and throw a few slices of steak on each tater.
 And bake at 400 until they look however you like them. At least 10 minutes. 
Sometimes I like them just melty so 10 minutes is perfect, but sometimes I like the cheese to get all bubbly so I'll leave them in for another 10 minutes or turn the broiler on for a minute.
Also, if your oven looks like mine in this photo, you should replace the bulb in your oven light.
 And this is the final product that last approximately 12 seconds. We topped each one with some sour cream!
A delicious, nutritious (compared to a Whopper), gluten free lunch!

Also, one of my favorite and easiest gluten free meals so far was my chicken gmaw tacos.
This is EVERYTHING I needed to make them:
  Chicken frying in the small pan, coconut oil heating in the skillet, corn tortillas (check the ingredients thought cause somehow they manage to put wheat in CORN tortillas sometimes).
Then of course all the toppings form the fridge.

And here you go. Yet another delicious, fresh, crisp, NORMAL, gluten free meal. We had it with basmati rice. We topped them with cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and sour cream, but would have loved some red onion and tomatoes also:(

 So there you go. Our gluten free journey so far has been delicious.
Although I will say it's really frustrating to think you've found an awesome snack like salted cashews, only to find that they contain wheat. 
Or try to buy fruit snacks for the kiddos and they have disgusting ingredients:\

BUT all in all, it's well worth the results.
More energy, less sickness, Scott feels better with NO stomach aches (that's a miracle).

And I'll leave you with this:

homemade Reese's. I even made the peanut butter:)

What are some of your favorite/easiest gluten free recipes?