Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ant Mountains

We took the girlies to Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch.
This is the best picture I could get. The pumpkin patch was under huge trees so there was no good lightning...

But i still got some really cute pictures. Lillee thought the pumpkins were pretty neat.
Maddy wanted to run around and touch all of them.
I tried getting a picture with both of them but Maddy wasn't into sitting still.
See Maddy in the background pushing the stroller?
Lillee is just so stinkin cute with all her fat rolls.
Uncle Bob's is not just pumpkins though. They have tons of fun stuff.
They had geese that would honk whenever you talked to them.
They had ducks that seemed a little confused.
And they had this massive turkey.
It's hard to tell just how big he is from this photo, but that thing was so big they had to keep the female turkey in a separate barn so he wouldn't crush her.

They also had a little petting zoo with goats and sheep and a pig.
Maddy LOVED it.
She is really good with animals.
She just naturally knows how to approach them and she loves their fur.
She really loves it when they lick her hand.
She's also very curious (that's the PC word for nosy), and almost got into trouble.
They had a little piggy too.
He was about Lillee's size, just a little babe.
They said he like to nibble baby fingers though so the girls didn't pet him.
Lillee got some good independent time watching the goats. 
She really enjoyed that too.
I think she even talked to them a little.

There's the piggy again.
Lillee was thinking "mmm, bacon".
That child would eat all day if you kept food in front of her.
So sweet.

They also shear their animals once a year and then make thread/yarn on the property. Maddy was mesmerized by the process. 
The little wheel just above her head is powered by two foot pedals that make it spins and the girl sitting there had a huge clump of wool that she was slowly feeding onto the wheel.
As it spun, it also rolled itself onto a huge spool.
It was super cool to watch.
After carrying their chubby butts around all day, we discovered this wagon, which they both loved.
Too bad my arm had already cramped up.

The whole day was super fun and the girls really loved seeing everything. They even had a little mini corn maze that we took the girls through. They didn't really care so much about that, and there were ant mountains all over the place.


Ant MOUNTAINS. Like as tall as my knees.

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  1. kim we enjoy not only spending time with the girls but you too. you and Scott are doing such a great job raising them girls. elaine has already got the paint and picking stuff out to go on the walls for the girls bedroom. bIt should ready for them in a couple of weeks. As soon as she gets all the furniture put back in I am going to build them a special toy box with a padded top and some shells on it so they can use it as a play table as well. She is so excited about getting the girls room ready for them.


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