Friday, September 6, 2013

Fundamentals of Fly Swatting

Have you ever wondered why your chirruns  act the way they do?
Have you ever found yourself watching a scene unfold that describe EXACTLY why they act that way?

Last night at a friends' house, Maddy picked up the fly swatter and started going around smacking people on the butt with it. She's say "no, no". 
At first I was a little embarrassed that my child was not only harassing people, but doing it in a violent manner that showed clear premeditation and obvious mockery of something she had seen enacted before.
Then I realized, it's not so bad. She is beginning to understand that my authority over her comes in the form of my decisions and her consequences are real.
She know's that "no means no" and that if you do it anyway, you get a switch.
I'd say that's a win.

Also, I'm impressed with her form.
Each swat landed right where (I'm assuming) she aimed. And every time it made contact, that dinky flimsy plastic hand made a crisp *smack*. 
My little girl is growing up:)

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