Saturday, September 14, 2013

Three and a score for Scottie

Long time, no see, huh?
Yeah. It's been a bit since I made an entry.
 I've been a bit busy/lazy.

First of all, I've spent the last month making a movie with my sister that was basically a parody of my mom's entire life.
Mainly we just made fun of her. 
We showed it at her birthday party.
Unfortunately for you (because it's hilariously entertaining) there is NO WAY I'm posting it publicly. 
Sorry y'all.

In other news, after some major changes and lots of hard work, the garden is doing better. 
Today I saw 3 little baby squashies, and I saw plenty of bees and butterflies hanging out to pollinate them.
I only have 2 bean bushes that are still alive, but on those two bushes I have about 10 beans!!! 
woop woop!
I also have noticed that my cabbages have made a comeback. My broccoli, cauliflower and several varieties of cabbage have somehow reappeared amongst the weeds. I'll be weeding those areas tomorrow.

I also started some more seeds for the fall stuff that should be ready in a a week or so.

The girls and I picked muscadines/scuppernongs (or, as our favorite neighbor, Reba calls them "scuffins") and I've been attempting to make jelly. I've been unsuccessful twice in getting the jelly to jell. Have no fear, though.
 I've consulted with my Grandmother and I now know the secrets!  
I'll update after trying out all her jelly wisdom.

My soaps that I made a while back are finally cured. (no they weren't sick) I haven't tried one yet but they're all solid as a rock now instead of squishy. I can't wait to try my coffee scrub soap. 

Maddy pretty much can speak English now.
 It's absolutley amazing. 
Today I got a mosquito bite and she saw it, so she pointed to it and said
 "Mommy, you hurt?" 
I said, "no Maddy, I'm ok"
 but she scrunched up her eyebrows and said "mommy, you hurt." and kissed it. 
Then a few minutes later she tripped and instead of crying like normal, she looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm ok. Are you ok mommy?"

And Lillee...goodness. I don't even know where to start with my little Chunk.
She has 4 teeth now. 
There's something incredibly special about a fat baby with 4 teeth grinning at you that just lights up the whole world and melts your heart.
Also, she is so close to walking, but she just doesn't try hard. I mean, the child can sprint-crawl faster than Maddy can walk. But she'll get it soon. She wants to get up and chase the neighbors little puppy.

The most important thing I need to share with you today is that man I married fourscore minus seventy-seven years ago. Today marks his 23rd year on this earth. We celebrate it because, well...without his birthday, he wouldn't be here.

 So today I celebrate the man that I've watched grow from a kid into a strong, tough, handsome, sexy, hardworking, smart, talented, loving, silly, kindhearted father and husband.

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