Monday, September 2, 2013


Today I'll be posting along with a series that I found on The Modest Mom Blog.
It's based on a book that i don't have and haven't read, but with her explanation, I felt like it was worth following her series/challenge.

The main idea of "Frumps to Pumps" is just taking the time to take care of ourselves each day, at least enough to get dressed and fix our hair.
The Challenge is for the month of September (which started yesterday, y'all).

So for my second day of trying to spend  a few minutes taking care of myself, I got up, got dressed and started cleaning.
Then I saw that it was might rain and realized I needed to mow the grass in case it was storming by the time Scott got home to do it.

So I cut the grass, came inside, and was soak in sweat. 
*ew that's so gross*
So I cranked the AC down a few degrees and threw on the coolest ting I could find...which translates to gym shorts and Betty Boop PJ shirt.
I don't even care how goofy it looks. It's so comfy.

Oh, also, I didn't tell the story of how I learned to do this fancy complicated braid this morning and my hair wasall beautiful and flowing and fancy, then I had to take it all out so it wouldn't get tangled when I did yard work.

So I decided to find a quick and easy way to fix my hair....and I landed on asian eating utensils. 

So here's what happened:

It's a mess, but it's WAY better than my typical mess.
SO I'd say that's a win.

Just a quick update on everything....
...seed started look great. I have bean sprouts popping through the soil, beets about 2 inches tall and little barely visible green leaves peeking on everything else.
...I planted the end piece of a head of romaine lettuce a few days back and it's got new leaves about 4 inches tall!
...I'm going to the butcher shop tonight to get some beef fat, which I will then attempt to render into lard, which I will then attempt to cook with and also attempt to make lye soap with. More on the soon.
...rabbits are on hold for now because of traveling. I'm frustrated but I can deal.
...made a test batch of muscadine jelly from an online recipe. It didn't gel right, so we'll continue to experiment. I'm being defiant and refusing to use pectin so I'll share when I find the perfect recipe.


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