Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fun Fried Cheese and The Protein Poop on a stick!

Y'all, I know this title is a bit tricky.
Let me clear a few things up before I share.

"Fun Fried Cheese" is NOT cheese that has been cooked in fun at a high temperature.

"Protein Poop on a stick" is NOT poop. Nor is it on a stick. 

Neither of these things is as it seems.

Also, if you happen to try the cheese, you should DEFINITELY balance it out with protein poop stick. Trust me.

On to the good stuff:

As part of our gluten free attempt, we've obviously cut out wheat breads. 
That leaves these options:
a) buy a $6 loaf of gluten free bread
b) stop eating all breads
c) make home made gluten free bread that requires 8, 236 ingredients that normal people DONT buy
d) find alternatives to bread

Over the past few weeks we have eliminated (a) due to budgetary concerns. (b), quite frankly, is like quitting cold turkey, and that just ain't happenin, yo! I've tried (c) twice and I thought it was delicious but Scott's review included words like "dirt", "grit", and "strange". And finally, choice (d)...that's where we cook our cheese in superheated fun!

It's so simple, really.
Slice some cheese into squares.
Fry it...til it's nice a crispy brown.
Fun Fried Cheese.
Love it. Enjoy it.
Eat it...sparingly.

(in case you're one of those I'd-rather-look-at-the-pictures types...)

Just a few notes:
cheddar tastes like cheezits...yum!
Mozarella and Monterey Jack taste like crackers.
Extra super duper sharp cheddar tastes like heaven.

Use these Fun Fried Cheese blobs as crackers with dips, tuna salad, crumble into bread crumbs, dip in salsa, eat 'em like cheezits, or even stack some sliced cheese and pepperonis on them for some bite size pizza!

When you're done scarfing down an entire one-pound-block-worth of fried cheese, you're gonna need one of these:

Mix peanut or almond butter with some raw honey. Pretend like it's a cake pop and dunk it in sprinkles chia seeds, sunflowers seeds, flax seeds, etc. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Will you try either of these? If not, why?

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