Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spastic Update

 We all know how nosy you are.
But don't worry. It's not just you!
Everyone has a natural tendency to stick their nose in SOMEWHERE...

So if that somewhere just happens to be my life, I'll be glad to oblige you.

I have here today a lovely sampling of life in the Pannell household.

Just a quick side note...there are not any optional pronunciations of my last name.
Not Parnell.
Not Panel.
Not Pannelli. (yes, people try that one too).

And my mother's name is Patheresa. I just love it when people try to say that one. But she accepts Patricia, Patti, ROB, etc etc.

Moving on.

That lovely Christmas Cookie above is from our afternoon of cookie decorating with Nanny E. That's so funny because it makes it sound  like she's an old granny but she's way young! ha!

Anyway, there's only one cookie shown because the rest look like my kids did them.
They only decorated two, actually.

 The highlight of our Christmas eve was trying to get this dern (yes, "dern"...this is the south, y'all) Princess bed put together. We took more pieces apart than we put together, I think. It was worth it thought. Thanks Granny!

 Just a little update on my crochet adventures. I made this hooded scarf and matching boot cuffs/leg warmers for my little younger sister. Maddy Is pretty cute model, but a bit undersized.

 Here's how my hair is looking after about 2 weeks of no shampoo or conditioner. Just baking soda, ACV and coconut oil. It looks a little rough but a thousand times better!

****the following photographs represent a large portion of our daily activity. Please view with cautions, as lunacy is sometims contagious and may be transmitted through the internets via photobombing***

Also, Maddy doesn't HAVE to wear that helmet. It's her choice.

In other news, Lillee looks like a sweet little old grandma and has cheeks like a chipmunk gathering nuts for winter.

Aannnnnnnndddd....we have another dog! We got her from the parentals, who miss having the cute littel squirrels frolic in the back yard as they sit and watch from their porch, sipping coffee and snakcing on little debbies. Ok, not exactly. She just likes to escape and we have more time and activities for her! Meet Sasha (she also accepts other options such as Cha Cha, Chach, Sa Sa, Pest, Mutt).

We finally got turnips and green from my garden. They were massive. And quite delicious with some bacon and chicken broth.
I way under planted these things. This year I'm going all out.
I'm not keeping a single seed. Everything is goign in the ground.
I don't care if I have to give food away or feed it to the rabbits.
I'd rather have way too much than just a teeny tiny little bit.

And yesterday's crocheting project: minnie mouse bow ear warmer. It's too big for Maddy Moo, but again she makes a cute model!

Does that satisfy your craving for details on our life? Do you feel like part of the family?

What else can I share to make you more comfortable? I'm being a little bit sarcastic, but in all seriousness, we love sharing and chatting so ask away!

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