Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick Update

Just thought I'd drop in for a quick update.

Sasha is feeling great and Greta isn't allowed to go near her. Mama Breakfast is hopefully pregnant and we should have some bunnies soon. But We thought Dinner was pregnant last month and she even got fat, and then, what the hey--no bunnies. 

Lillee has molars now. 2 of them, that I know of.

Maddy is HILARIOUS. Like, for real, y'all, SO funny. She says things like "hey, Mama. Let me have that booby" which I say "No, Maddy, Lillee is eating right now. That's for Lillee to get milk, not Maddy" which Maddy responds, " No, Mama. yee not need boobie. Give it to me."

Oh lawdy, y'all. I just had to take a short break to go spy on the neighborhood. There's this teenage girl who can't get along with her parents that lives a few houses down and apparently she ran to another neighbor's to call the police on her mama. Now the Mama is cussing at the neighbor and the girl is running towards the highway hollering.

Y'all...these people are crazy. I'm gonna go enjoy the entertainment for a bit.


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