Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What you have to look forward to

I'll be sharing a few new posts this week, so don't give up on me yet!

I've been pretty busy with life lately, so it's hard for me to fulfill your need to stick-your-nose-in-Kimb's-life. haha y'all know I'm joking, right?

Coming up soon will be posts on things that I find particularly important and I'll be sharing some tips with you on how I do each thing. It's critical to me that I find new and creative ways to save money, keep my family healthy and live as naturally as possible. It's been a weird transition so far this year, but I've been successful with my cloth napkins (for 2 weeks, anyway) and haven't used a single paper towel!

I've been crocheting my own dish sponges, which are machine washable...money saving, environmentally friendly, and none of the mystery goop pre-soak soap stuff in them!

I've got a freezer and fridge full of food in just 3 days...enough for an entire month and for a whopping total of...

wait for it...


yep. a hondo and a half.

keep looking for my post on that...it's going to have lots of good info. I can't promise that it will wokr for you, but I can at least give you some ideas. Now, we'll end up spending just a bit more of fresh fruit and dog food later in the month, but it's good to know that we have TONS of delicious, gluten free, homemade meals ready to go.

We've also started homeschool! Maddy can say her days of the week, months of the year, and count to 4. I know...4 is kind of a low number. But we got stuck on counting to 2 for about a week because she'd say "one...two...five...eight" every time. Now it's more like "one...two...tee...four...eight...two...two....two". What can I say, the child likes "two".

Later this week I'll also try to fill you in on how we got a new dog who immediately got attacked by our big dog and had to be taken to the hospital because she tried to eat my rabbits and the big dog didn't want her to. It' s a gripping, gory tale, so check back on that too.

Alright, well, y'all I don't have any photos to share right now, but I've shared a few on instagram lately... you can find them at thekimbp.

K I'm going to sleep y'all.


Miss Patti, we leave now.

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