Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We have a garden!
From the side. You can just barely see the rows. This side is about 50 ft and goes almost to the fence

This is the view from our back door. See all the little brown clumps in the yard between the camera and the garden? Well, Scott and I were in the front yard a few days ago when we hear this huge CCCCRRRRACK! Scott said "what the heck was that?" I looked up and saw a HUGE branch, nearly half of a pecan tree, had just snapped and was barely hanging on. As we stood there, it finally snapped and crashed down into our yard (and our neighbor's). You can sort of see where is damaged the fence and all the clumps in the yard are branches that fell off and didn't get cleaned up yet.

And this is a better view of the whole thing. where Greta is standing (she hasn't learned to stay out yet) is a row of beets, then carrots, then a 4 foot wide bed of lettuce, then two rows of peppers. The mounds in the center are pumpkins, squash and zuchini. that's the spot that gets the best sun between the pecan trees. Then on the other side is broccoli, beans, cauliflower, peas, and cabbage, and smaller bed of lettuce!

Last weekend, Scooter borrowed our neighbor's tiller and worked the soil for about an hour in a section of our back yard.
The total area ended up being about 50 feet long and 15 feet wide. 
Then, after being out in the heat all that time, he stayed outside with me and the girls to help hoe, form rows, and plant.
We planted peas, squash, zuchini, pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower together!

The next day, I went out while the girls napped and planted some peppers.

Then yesterday, I went outside to finish planting, and we had sprouts coming up everywhere!
This is broccoli coming up. It only took 2 days to sprout!
This is a pumpkin sprout. Maddy helped plant all of these seeds! She was a little confused but super excited to see and touch the sprouts!
This is zuchini. I only put 2 seeds in each hole so I'm guessing Maddy was being sneaky and added more seeds.
This is a bean sprout. And a clover sprout. The one right in the middle is the bean plant and just to the left is a piece of clover I missed when pulling weeds. I'll have to go back out there now and get rid of it.

And this is cauliflower sprouting. See that weird thing just above and to the left of the sprouts that looks like a string of balls? That's grass roots. I cannot believe how many roots we had to remove from that space, and they're still popping up everywhere

 I can't wait to post more photos when it's really growing and producing! Hopefully everything will be ok...our climate here allowed to plant some late summer stuff AND some fall stuff.
woop woop.


  1. I've been hunting on craigslist for some things this month. I have to shake my head and laugh out loud about some of the things I have seen people list. I know you would understand. Love you friend!

    1. When we first got married and didn't have TC service set up yet, Scott and I would sit together and got through Craigslist for hours! It was such great entertainment!

    2.'s TV and I have no clue what TC service is:\


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