Friday, August 30, 2013

Skittles in a Muffin Tin

Well, I have some positive news to share...
Maddy is a little fashionista; however, she's not wearing anything from the waist down.
We should work on that.
Also, her hair is getting long.
Some negative news...Pinterest FAIL.
I saw a post about making hard corn taco shells.
Oh, just prop them on the bottom of a muffin tin and bake them.
Oh, they're so perfect and crispy.
Oh, it's so simple.
Oh, only an idiot could mess this up.

here's where I followed the directions.

And here's where I failed, for the first time...
The dang things split right up the middle. 
Who wants a crack in their taco shell...
It's like,"ugh my taco has a butt and it's leaking junk everywhere"

So to avoid the taco butts, I tried again.
Yes, I tossed the tacos with butts and started fresh. 
This time, i waited until the oven was ready and immediately threw those suckers in before they could grow butt cracks.

Nope. No good, folks.
I almost just served them like this.
But lets be honest...these don't look super tasty.
 So in the end, I decided life was simpler without pinterest and that really, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
So I fried those babies up in coconut oil.

And the next day...Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forrest.
uh, I mean...
The next day, Scott got really thirsty.
As in, "I better get this half gallon cup of sprite".
yes. A half gallon.
It actually sits all the way in the cup holder.

And for my genius moment of the week..
Skittles in a muffin tin.
Pin that...ha!
Also, when this got too boring, I just gave her tongs to play with. 
She only ate about 6 skittles and managed to play with the rest for about an hour!

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