Thursday, August 1, 2013

Part 2 As Seen on TV

Here are the last four abosolute MUST haves among TV products.
Find more info on these products and browse others here.

And so, without further ado:

HD Sunglasses
 Have you had your eye on that new flatscreen HDTV? Well, instead of saving up that $1188.88, all you need is this $10 pair of glasses. Just put them on, plop on the couch, and BLAM HD EVERYTHING!
Take them to the movie theater for a fantasmic cinematic experience or give them to your kids to enhance their chances of finding that thing they lost.
Not to mention you'll look ULTRA cool.
Honestly, I don't see how people can be happy with life, seeing everything in low definition plain old eyesight.

Roll a Lotion

 I would have dubbed this the Lotion Loufa, but whatevs.
This is pretty legit.
I mean, obviously it helps with moisturizing your unreachables, but imagine all the possibilities here.
Take this baby on vacatoin and whip it out at the beach for your sunscreen. You'll never have an awkward rubbing moment again.
And the best part about this? It's a multitasker.
Use it to massage sauce into all of you grilled delectables for a tender, evenly sauced meal! 
And you can even reach across the table to your significant other's plate and sauce their steak for them.
Then the next morning, fill this baby up with PB&J for the easiest sandwich you've ever spread jam on!

Doggy Steps.
For when your dog needs accessibility. 
Now he can easily get on all the furniture, swipe food from the counters, watch the TV from 3 inches away, crawl in the bed with you in the middle of the night and look out the windows.
Plus, your toddlers can use it for...well, basically to do all the things the dog does with it:)

And last but not least, the product that will transform your life.
For when you've tried countless Beth Moore studies, watch ole Joel on the TV, tried P90X, failed miserably at insanity and been too embarrassed for Brazilian Butt Lift:

Body Gospel
"This comprehensive at-home program combines faith, fitness, and nutrition to enhance your faith and transform your health.  "
Need I even expand?

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  1. This is BY FAR my favorite posting you've EVER done. well, i shouldn't say my favorite, just absolutely hilarious and worth reading OVER AND OVER! It was so funny, I died laughing!! :) I think I want to hire you as my comic relief on a daily basis. :)


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