Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Pretty much every time I look at Chunk, she is eating or wanting to eat.
I honestly think she spends every waking moment thinking of food. 
Don't believe me? Over the last week or so I have taken probably 30 pictures of her.
Here's a sample that represents what I took.

Then, I realize her eyes are open in these, but she legit (yes, i just said that) about to fall asleep. And the one where her face is smashed into my leg?

Then we have Maddy, who is practicing for her 2nd birthday. She's got the sass down perfectly.

She also really loves her daddy. Both of my girls love their daddy, actually, but Maddy can actually tell us with words now. Last night when Scott and I tucked the girls in, Maddy said "night night dad". what did I get? "night. unh." 

This wasn't even a fathers day picture or anything...totally unplanned. 
Those were just the jammies she wore the night before.
And even better, they were free jammies that my awesome real life and bloggy friend gave us last year!
Just in case you've never been around a two year old, let me share with you some common Maddy antics.

First, there's pouting. In this case, it's because the pizza isn't done yet.
 Then there's the sass.
For Moo, that invovles:
  • belly poked out
  • hip to one side
  • arms swinging big
  • hilariously adult hand movements
 There the sissy "love" which roughly translates into torture for poor Chunk.
 Speaking of torturing Chunk, I wish I had been able to get pictures, but honestly at the time I didn't think it was too funny. The girls share a room, and yesterday during nap time I heard a big crash. It just sounded like Maddy knocked her toy box off the shelf, and I heard her still laughing, so I knew she was OK. Then about 3 or 4 minutes later Chunk just started screaming. At first I thought Maddy just woke her up, but the screaming escalated and turned into sobbing/gasping for air. So I opened their door, took in the disaster area of toys, then realized Maddy was in the crib with Lillee. Maddy was not only in the crib, but she also had Chunk in a head lock. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she somehow had a tube of mascara. It was one of those lash extension kinds so it had a white end and a black end. Well, she had the white end out and as she held Chunk captive, she painted Chunk's hair/face with the eyelash extender. True story. My child is crazy. Don't worry, everyone survived.

Next there's the eating. She's to the point where she can eat anything without me having to chop, peel, dice, mash, chew, slice, blend, puree, or bottle it first.
And the child can eat a whole apple. I caught her eating the core too. She's a nut.

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