Tuesday, June 4, 2013

F R E S H with Dice in the Mirror

Now this is the story all about how it's finally here.
my 100th post.
like, for real, not the fake out I did before.

So I've been trying to come up with something AMAZING to tell you about but I just couldn't think of anything super special.
Since you read my blog, I figure you're probably nosy.
So I'd like to take minute, you just sit right there and I'll tell you 100 things today, and I just know you'll love it.

Autocorrect: Killer.
True Story.

Also, she is pulling herself up to stand and is wobbling around a little bit. She's 7 months!

 Sometimes she pitches little fits like this and it SUPER cute.

 But most of the time she's just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool.
She is such a ham.

(did I mention we're counting by twenties?)
[you didn't think I was literally doing ONE HUNDRED things did you?]

Maddy Lee.
She  is such a nut.
We are finally getting around to potty training.
Our house is totally tile except the bedrooms, which means accidents are no big deal.
She will go potty all by herself now!...poopoo (or as Maddy calls it "eeeeeeeeew. yudt. " (that's yuck, b-t-dubs), on the other hand, is still being left haphazardly around the house.

As you can see here, she is going diaperless for now, which means lots of streaking going on in my house right now.
She likes to get in front of the camera when I try to take a picture of Killer. 
I have a hilarious picture of her big ole bubble butt right after this picture, when she pulled her shirt up, but I don't want to put anyone's panties in a twist so I'll just keep it to myself.
And possibly show it to her husband one day.
She loves "Hee-tah" so much.
Actually, my dog's name is Greta but Maddy doesn't make those sounds.
here, she's coloring Hee-tah with a purple crayon.

My marvelous new kitchen (brought to you...well, actually brought to ME by my fantastic hubby).
See, I have a new kitchen because we're living in a new (to us) house because a couple of guys that were up to no good started making trouble in our neighborhood so we had to move.
He also managed to procure the stove and refrigerator for an insanely small portion of his hard earned pay check.


Is it just me, or are those knobs in a strange position?

Straight from my (mama's) kitchen.
it's idiot proof, I tell you.
I can't tell you how hard I've seen people struggle with getting a freaking skin off an onion...those same people end up with the onion rolling around on the cutting board while they try to hold it still and nearly chop off their fingers, all the while crying their eyes out because the onion is so strong.
1-- cut the ends off the onion. while the skin is still on the onion. (gasp)
2-- turn the onion up on end (you now have a flat edge to work with, which is the #1 rule of kniving in the kitchen.) yes I just made up the verb kniving.
3-- slice the onion in half from top to bottom
4-- now just peel back the outermost layer of onion and watch in amazement as the whole skin just peels away with it.
5--now put the onion down on the flat edge, and begin slicing. When you get to the point that it's difficult to keep the onion still, turn it around so can use the bigger flat edge to keep the onion tight against the edge of your knife.

6-- My biggest secret, see that little green piece I'm holding? well, that's the very center of the onion (or half of it anyway). That's where all the sulfur is that makes you act like a big old baby. Pull that piece out first and throw it away before you start kniving.

So there you go.
Next time I see someone struggling with an onion, I'm going to do the head smack thing from the "shoulda had a V-8" commercial.

(wondering what happened to #80? That was Scott's section. Being the man of mystery that he is--and the fact that his job is very public and dangerous-- I have to keep all his private deets on the D/L)

P.S. For those of you who just read that 3 times in your head, then even said it aloud, and your still going "what the *bleep* does that even mean?"-- I can't give out Scott's personal info or talk about him on here.


p.p.s. this post has a funny. if you get it, please leave a comment.

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  1. Love the new kitchen and can't wait to see you guys soon!


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