Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

Ok. I'm doing this link up for the first time, and I have the perfect theme for it for this past week or so.

So here are 5 blessings Scott and I have received lately.

A new car.
This is a huge blessing in a few ways. That we were able to get approved. That we were able to afford it. That it's our first brand new car. That we have been needing and wanting a new car for over a year and thought we'd end up with some crappy, tiny car. Nope. God is good, and we got EXACTLY what we wanted!!

A house.
it's not technically ours, but it's so nice to live here.
No more tiny apartments.
No more having to take the dog out 523 times a day.
No more wishing we had a yard for the chirruns.
And it's not breaking the bank. Well, at least not single handedly.

A fridge and a stove.
Who ever thought having appliances could be such a relief.
This house didn't come with appliances and we were short on funds from our moving expenses. 
Scott found our fridge and stove, which you can see~here~ for a grand total of $275. Dang straight.

A storage shed for the back yard.
I know that sounds silly, but it's really nice to be able to get somethings Scott.
It's definitely a man thing, but a blessing nonetheless.

Last but not least, a HUGE blessing lately has been Scott's job.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's hellish, but it's what he loves, and it pays the bills.
Plus he can work overtime and still enjoy himself. 
That's always nice:)       


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