Saturday, June 8, 2013

ramblings from my run

When I was pregnant with Chunk i got up to about 195 pounds. 
Actually 198.
I lost the first 25 pounds without any effort.
(I guess having a 9 1/2 pound baby probably didn't hurt)
But then weight loss got difficult.
Nursing kind of makes the whole weight loss thing tricky.
Some say it helps lose the weight, some say it makes you hold extra pounds, some say eat more, some say eat less, some say don't lose the weight til you wean, blah blah blah.

So anyway, Now Lillee is 7 months old and I still have weight to lost to get back to my pre-Maddy 140.
For the last month I've been walking and doing strength training and throwing in some insanity once in a while.
I'm down to 146 and feel great.
So I decided I was ready to go run.
So I did.
And I managed to do 2 miles.
I ran today for the second time and did 2 miles again.
I wanted to quit so bad after the first mile. 
It was hot, I had a cramp, and my phone wouldn't play my music.
I just wanted to give up and be happy that I did the first mile.
But then I wasn't really that hard.
I wasn't dying.
I wasn't even breathing that hard.
In fact, I wasn't having any pains or soreness at all.
Still, I had those lazy girl thoughts that I could quit and just be proud that I was doing more than yesterday.
But I knew I wouldn't be proud of myself for that.
I checked my GPS to see how far in I was.
At 1.4 miles, I was ready to give up again.
it got so bad i was having to repeat "I can do it" over and over with every single step.

As I got the last .2 miles or so, I realized that I made it through and I wasn't having to convince myself anymore. I was just doing it.
And as I picked up my pace, I remembered one of my favorite hymns (that has really nothing to do with running, but has a great tempo to finish my run on a strong stretch).

O victory in Jesus,
my savior forever.
Who sought me, and bought me with his redeeming blood.

He loved me ere I knew him,
and all my love is due him.
He plunged me to victory
beneath the cleansing flood.

I love hymns because 1--they're a but nostalgic cause they remind me of going to church before all the hype with Christian rock started...when there was just a piano, an organ, and a choir, and 2-- because something about old english words/grammar just lift my soul up more than contemporary lyrics.

I just love hymns.
Traditional hymns.

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  1. You knew this would make me laugh out loud when I got to the Victory In Jesus part, didn't you! I still can't hear it with out cracking up. Takes me back to that day at SGBC like it was yesterday. I sure do miss you. Keep up the good work/exercise beautiful bbg!


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