Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Don't Know What to Call Scott

Today, P-Dub wrote a post about how she is different from her husband, Marlboro Man.
It made me want to come up with a cool name for Scott.
But mainly, it just inspired me to write a post about how Scott and I are different.

1. When I see blocks on the floor, I cringe at the thought of stepping on one. (equivalent to stepping on a lego).
When Scott see's blocks on the floor, he gets in the floor with Maddy and spends an hour building an M4. (see above)

2. Scott like to jump feet first into a project, even if he has NO idea at all what he's is doing.
I prefer to research and ask questions until I'm an expert and can stand and watch and tell him every single thing he does wrong. We rarely do projects together:) And I'm working on it.

3. I love mayonnaise. On anything. And everything.
Scott played a game with his sister when he was kid where one gets blindfolded and the other gives them a spoonful of food and they try to guess what it is. Scott got a spoonful of mayo and hasn't eaten it ever since.

4. Scooter drinks beer casually. He never has more than one and he loves to try different kinds. He thinks nothing of it.
Sometimes, I desperately WANT to like alcohol. I have tried every kind of alcohol we can find and have NEVER had more than two sips of the same thing. I just can't.

5. He likes food.
I like good food.

6. I squeal like a girl if I see a huge snake.
Scott...oh. well, he's not different on this one.

7. I can sleep naked, fully clothed, or wrapped up for a blizzard.
Mr. Tough Guy can only sleep in a regular T shirt and boxers.

8. I read all the time.
He farts a lot.

9. People typically recognize my intelligence.
Scott is quite possibly smarter than I am, people just don't recognize it behind his good ole boy accent.

10. The hubby-dub (that doesn't work, does it? oh well) gets some fake money at work on a case and decides to learn how the criminals make fake money so he is more knowledgeable next time. He even read a blog just about novelty money making.
I read blogs about food and weight loss and non-slip workout headbands.

11. I'm a great driver because I learned from my daddy.
Scott's a great high-speed driver cause he's a lunatic highly trained law enforcement professional.

12. To avoid photos, Scott makes funny faces.
I make ugly faces.
His way is much more attractive once the photos are printed.

13. Scott dresses Maddy:

I dress Maddy:

How are you and your spouse different? 
Leave me a link your blog post or just tell me in the comments!
I love being nosy and reading about other people:)

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