Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Must Haves from TV part 1

After reading this post from Brin at BoldButterBaby, I decided I need to help out those As Seen On TV products.
Although her points are valid, she's a bit of a Debbie-Downer about the whole thing. 

So today I'll be sharing with you 7 MUST HAVE As Seen On TV items.
Like, I don't know how you live without these things.

Deluxe Spin Mop
This is ingenious.
How can anyone possibly mop without this?
It must be backbreaking work trying to wring your mop out like a normal person.
This thing...well, it spin both directions, and like a dog shaking off murky lake water from his gorgeous golden coat, it goes from soaked to I-stuck-my-finger-in-the-electrical-socket-so-my-hair-is-dry in about 4 seconds!
Not to mention you it doubles as a salad spinner when you're done mopping the floors.
Talk about more bang for your buck.

#2 and #3

Flex Seal...according to the commercial, you can coat thebottom of your vehicle with this magical paste and it transforms into a boat!
I'm here to tell you it gets even better than that!
You can use it for all sorts of things.
Coat your jewelery with it in case you accidentally drop it down the drain....that way it floats on the top of the septic tank and you can retrieve it!
Or better yet, coat your chirruns swimwear with and trash the old arm floaties and life vests. 
And the best parts of all?
Spray it on the dog and when she gets a little stanky...just hose her down and the stank rinses away!

Then there's the magic tap.
Oh, how did we survive before this?
Chirruns running wild, spilling jugs of milk and bottles of soda out of the fridge.
And we used to have to PICK UP whatever drink we wanted and POUR it into our glass...the terror.
Now, the chirruns simply open the fridge and easily access the spout, spewing soda directly into their face, coating their hair and staining their clothes. How simple!
Not to mention we no longer have to do horrendous tasks like taking the lid off the milk jug everytime we want a glass.
Just imagine a world where recipes call for "a 3 second pump of milk" instead a 1/4 cup.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the MUST HAVES tomorrow!

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  1. I would totally love to have my 12 passenger have the capacity to function as a boat. I'm gonna have to get me some of that stuff! ;) Thanks for linking up with me last week at Walking Redeemed!!


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