Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Wardrobe recycling

Last night was just useless.
I went to bed at 9 after Scott went to work.
Greta slept at the foot of the bed and Lillee started out in the bassinet but within about 2 minutes was hungry so she ended up in the bed with me. 
We watched an espisode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant on the nook, then tried to go to sleep.

Lillee actually slept soundly all night!
Greta whined most of the night; I'm not sure if she was asleep or what but she never actually got up.
I pretty much slept in 30-45 minute spurts.
And the everytime I woke up I stayed awake for about an hour.

So this morning when the rooster started up at 6 am, I was not in the mood for it.
Then Greta started acting like a lunatic.
So I hauled my butt up, found a jacket and flip flops (both Scott's) and took her out to pee. 
She walked about 8 feet from the door, stopped, and then just stood there and looked at me.
So I went to lay back down with Lillee and a few minutes later I got a text from Scott asking for info off of some paperwork he left here.
So I send him the info and get BACK IN BED.
And two minutes later he texts me to say that I sent the wrong info, so I get back OUT OF BED and send him the correct information.
Then I use my nifty single serve coffee maker, walk Greta again, and when I walk back inside: bliss.
A beautiful steaming mug of coffee waiting on me.

So I sat on the couch until Scott got home.
I pretty much just moped and looked at facebook and yelled at Greta for eating non-food things.
So when Scott got home, I was feeling sorry for myself, fatigued, and planning on sitting there on the couch for as long as I could get away with.

I realized that the reality of that was not to my liking...I probably could have managed about 5 minutes before a baby started crying or the dog started being a fool.
Then I read Mama Laughlin's post about how she had to get up and be at the gym at 5 am and she didn't want to, but once she got started, her whole day turned around.
So I hauled my chubby butt off the couch, folded like 5 loads of laundry that I've been avoiding all week, cleaned and reorganized the kitchen, cleaned the living room, and finally got the kiddos up.

I have to say, I'm impressed with myself for sucking it up and getting it done, but honestly I think I would have rather just gone back to bed.

Also...I've been recycling baby clothes lately.
All the things that Lillee is just growing out of actually fit Maddy perfectly!
I know that seems a little insane, but actually it's awesome.
For example, legging that are too short to fit Lillee as pants are the perfect size to fit Maddy as shorts...kinda like biking shorts.
Super cute y'all.
And the dresses that are just a little too short for Lillee make adorable shirts for Maddy.
Same thing for Maddy's shirts...Lillee can wear a lot of them as dresses.

It's like a whole new wardrobe for both girls for FREE!

P.S. ( I actually used this correctly because I'm writing this little note as a post-script edit!) People really grate on my nerves when they, for some reason, think that it's OK to scream and holler ALL NIGHT LONG, especially on weeknights. If I can hear your music from my apartment, it's too loud. If I can't understand what you're saying because it bears no resemblance to the English language, then a higher volume probably won't help your buddies figure out what the heck you're saying. It is not proper, or legal to stand outside my apartment door while drunk or stoned and shout the lyrics to some ridiculous rap song by an artist(I use this term loosely) with a kindergarten education and vocabulary. Example: "I drink my booze from a bowl. not a cup. No. I use a bowl cause it make me [insert whatever you want her cause I have no idea what he said]."

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