Friday, April 12, 2013

what day is it?

I wanted to be fun and creative and do a "thankful thursday" post to add to the 23 things I've already listed.
Well, turns out today is friday.
Oh well...Guess it'll be Fankful Fridays.

24. super cute shoes from Kmart for $8
25. my pink tumbler cup that makes it easier to drink water
26. that sexy man in my bed 
27. towels straight from the dryer
28. military health insurance
29. the love I have for peppermints, instilled by my G-maw B
30. Scott's ability to agitate me's actually really cute
31. My cousin Jessy...that's a whole other post
32. cowboy boots to wear when the parking lot is located beneath an ocean
33.wet wipes for snotty noses
34. benadryl for babies
35. yoga stretches for the nursing mom
36. yoga stretches for the nursing mom. yes. they're THAT good
37. cash money
38. the heart of giving I inherited from ( or maybe was taught by) my Mama
39. Memories of my uncle Marty. There's not a single bad one.
40. Ecclesiastes to give me motivation to do the redundant, seemingly pointless things in life.
41. Friends from different backgrounds/perspectives
42. It's legal in this state to whip your child. 
43. A tag on our car before the temporary expired:)
44. Chubby babies who always smile at me no matter how bad I fail.

I just want y'all to know...I just typed a title for this post, then decided to change it. When I hit backspace my stupid internet browser started going back like 5 pages.
it's ok. Blogger autosaves.

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