Saturday, April 6, 2013

Night Shift Hostage

Ok, first off let me just say this post is in no way attacking Scott.
I'm not mad at him, none of it is his fault, and I'm not trying to turn you against him.
That being said, I still need to rant once in a while.

I hate night shift. I understand that they need cops on the road 24 hours a day, but I need my husband too.
I want to be selfish, because he's supposed to MINE.
It sucks so bad because he sleeps ALL day, which means several things for me.
1. I have to try to keep the girls quiet (ha, that's a good one).
2. I can't put any laundry away during the day, and if I need anything that stays in the bedroom, I have to remember to get it when I get up in the morning before he goes to bed.
3. We haven't slept in the same bed in over 3 months. Ok, well, technically we sleep in the same bed, but never at the same time. Talk about romantic, huh?

Even on his days off, he has to stay on his sleep schedule, so he sleeps all day.
We might get him for 2 hours at night, if I MAKE him wake up.
In which case he's grumpy and no one would want to be around him.
When he doesn't get enough sleep, he is a complete and total jerk.
I don't blame him, because I know he has a stressful, demanding job, but I still wish i could have my husband back to normal.
I want to be in the same house with him without one of us sleeping.
And he sleeps from like 9 am until 7 pm or later sometimes. 
That's at least 10 hours.
I am lucky to get 6 hours of sleep most nights.

He is more expensive on night shift too.
He eats "breakfast" while we're eating dinner, so usually he just has whatever I cook before he leaves for work.
Then he eats his "lunch" around 1-2am. Sometimes I make a lunch to send with him, but he usually ends up going to a convenient store anyway and getting snacks/drinks.
It's especially bad if he has a slow night because he gets bored. It's not like he pulls a lot of people over at 3 am, so if he doesn't get any calls, he just drives around all night.
Then he eats "dinner" around 6am, which means if he eats from a restaurant he has to get breakfast, and he has discovered some biscuit creation from Hardees that costs $6. 
So by the time he gets off at 8am he's spent 15 dollars or more, and that's 4 days a week or more.
Plus his crazy meal schedule makes it difficult to eat with him on his days off.
It's a big deal to us to sit down for meals together, but that doesn't happen on night shift.

There are so many other things about night shift that just make me angry!
I hate it!
I am so sick of the night shift garbage.
I hate it!
Night shift has taken my husband hostage and it's not fair dangit.
I know I'm whining, but I've been dealing with life without a husband for 3  months now.
I know, I know. 
Some people are single moms and they do it all without help every day blah blah blah.
Well, guess what? I HAVE A HUSBAND!!! so I shouldn't HAVE to do it all without help.
Thanks goodness his department rotates shifts every 4 months and we are almost done with this rotation.
I want my husband back.
You hear me night shift?
I want him back dangit.

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