Monday, April 1, 2013

Mom of the Year, Y'all

ok y'all.
I have a new series I am going to start writing. 
Well, not really a series. More of a category I guess.
And my first post will be today.
First off, I'll tell you it takes hard work to earn this award.

That's right.
I'm the Mom of the Year, Y'all.

Let me share with you the incident that earned such a prestigious accolade.

Today I got the girls all dressed up and cute and stuff.
We loaded up and headed to the grocery store. 
Maddy wore here ADORABLE pink plaid Sperry's (but not really Sperry's cause I only paid $12 at payless for them).
Everybody was fine during the whole shopping trip and the ride home.
Then I got the girls out of the car and let Maddy walk while I carried Lillee.
Maddy was walking kinda goofy so I figured the velcro strap probably came loose on one of her shoes.
Then, she just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and started full out, temper tantrum from the devil screaming.
I just figured "hey, what the heck...terrible twos." So I just picked her up and carried her inside.
i fixed her some juice and she still screamed.
She threw the juice down and sat in the kitchen pitching her little fit.
Goodness gracious lawdamercy. (haha, I hope someone non-southern tries to figure that one out).
So I sat down with her, trying really hard not to get mad at her, and started taking her shoes off.
Welp. Here's why the child was having a breakdown.
One of her precious little toes was completely bent backwards over the top of her foot. do I even describe was pointed at her ankle. And it was THIS TERRIBLE SHADE OF PURPLE.
 Talk about mom of the year, huh?

Don't worry. by bed time all body parts were fully functioning and back to normal. Plus Maddy got to eat sympathy candy. Gosh, I still feel bad even knowing she's fine.

Also, I have these moments on a regular basis.
And I know you have stories that deserve this award.
Please PLEASE tell me about them:) I'll give you the award too!   


  1. Elizabeth's teachers sent her home in socks about 2 weeks ago because her shoes were too small (but she picked them out and I wasn't going to fight with her about wearing them) and they cut off the circulation to her feet, this her feet were purple. :) Mom of the Year here!

    1. We have that battle all the time! If maddy brings shoes that don't fit, I just stick them on Lillee, and Maddy is happy. I don't know what I'll do when Lillee starts acting that way:)


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