Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can you figure this one out?

Don't you hate reading a right justified text?
It's just backwards.
It's like...you all of a sudden don't know how to read.

So, I've really been wanting waffle house but Scott absolutely refuses to take me.

I've got anew series for you. 
I will post a series of pictures, then you get to guess how the pictures relate to my life. 
My mom and sis have already seen most of them so they know the answers.
And the hilarity of it all.

I will post again tomorrow with the related story and possibly a picture to go with.

Here is the first group of pictures!!

(this lovely item can be purchase at IKEA. I found it on their website)

found at skatersocks.com

Good luck figuring this one out!

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  1. Hmmm... you dye your own socks and pants because its cheaper to buy white pants and socks and dye them than to buy colored pants and socks.. or if your pants and socks get bleached when cleaning, you can just redye them in stead of having to buy new pants and socks :)


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