Saturday, April 27, 2013

I know you've been dying to know...

My mother is supposed to be sending me a photo to put in this post, but she's a slacker so I guess I have to do it without the picture.
it kind of ruins the whole thing if you can't visualize it, but I'll tell you anyway.

In explanation of my previous post, here is the answer to what those three things represent.

First is the beautiful glass bowl.
that's similar to what I think they used to cut my hair when i was eight.
You, know, a bowl cut? like little boys get.
I think I was going for something more like my friend Ali had...which i would call a bob (it's basically the same thing but girlified). Like this:
It's hard to tell exactly what her hair looks like (she's the one on the right) but I guess i wanted my hair like hers.

Anyway the socks...well, those are called tube socks y'all.
when you put them on, they come all the way up to your little knobby knees.
I mean mine.
I wore these ALL the time up through like 6th grade.
It should be embarrassing but I just think it's funny.
What's bad about me wearing the tube socks is the fact that i also wore boys cargo shorts (the 3rd pic from my last post).
Cargo shorts, tube shocks, and a boy hair cut.
What the bleep was I thinking y'all?
better yet, how did my parents let me do that to myself?

if ever my mother sends me a photo, I will post it and share the hilarity!

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