Monday, April 8, 2013

I have dirty dishes in the sink...Ain't nobody got time fo dat

Ok, I know I've been a little boring lately, so I have a huge photo update for y'all today. I have about a week's worth of pictures to share!
Chunk has been falling asleep in funny/super cute positions lately...

Chunk has also started eating real food, which means sitting in the high chair!

Maddy has begun what I am now realizing is going to be a very long process of potty training. This is our goal...Being able to wear the super cute panties!

Chunk is just so happy.

Her blue eyes are HUGE!

Maddy being cool with one of her easter presents.

Dishes after I cooked dinner, made a fresh loaf of bread and prepped for meals. Don't worry, I cleaned it all up.

Chunk played in the jumper for the first time. Maddy's closet is the only door in our apartment where it fits.

Another adorable sleeping position. She wore herself out playing with the ribbon dog.

Chunk sleeping again and Maddy just being cool, as always.

Maddy's ADORABLE new shoes from Kmart. Ignore the price tag, they were only 7.99 each!!

Saw this in walmart. I'm not judging anyone, but...since when is placenta harvested commercially? What kind of placenta is it? Whose is it? Ok nevermind...This thought process leads down a dark and disturbing road.

It looks like she's moving, but I promise she was dead asleep when I took this...her arm just stuck up in the air the whole time she slept.

Chunk rode in the buggy seat for the first time ever!

When we left the store, I dropped my pen in her carseat...she found it and was very proud of herself.

I think stripes are a good look for her.

This morning Maddy discovered the camera on my phone that faces you...what's that even called? Anyway she had a little crayon modeling session (yes, she is naked. don't judge)

Chunk loves pictures!

Maddy is pretty good at making faces, huh? I'm impressed.

More stange crayon poses...that child...
Well,  that's all the interesting ones for now. I wish I had more to share.
Lillee is screaming her cute little head off right now, so I think I'm going to have to rescue her.
Actually more like serve her.
Obey her every command, fulfill her every desire.
That little girl is demanding....way more than Maddy was at this age.
But it's still fun:)

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