Monday, January 28, 2013

2000 Pushups

Right now I'm a stay at home mom slash housewife.
I don't really like to say housewife because it makes me think of older women and desperate housewives. 
Heck...I'm only 21. No need to start feeling old yet.

I want to homeschool the girls, so that means spending a good deal of time at home with them.
However, financially (and, let's be honest, for my sanity), I will eventually need to get a job.
My preference is that it be a career.
And I would love to go into law enforcement.
Scott beat me to it, but that doesn't mean I have to give up on it.

Scott's is ok with it for the most part.
He just has a few rules.
It has to be something local, because he isn't going to give up his position here.
That being said, I'm not allowed to work for his agency.
Partly because he already works there, but also because he feels like Albany is particularly dangerous for law enforcement.
He prefers that I look into some smaller agencies in our surrounding counties.
I don't mind. I really want to be a police officer for a few years, then go into crime scene analysis.
I've taken a few classes on it. I love all of it and I'm pretty darn good at it.

So I figure I have a few years of staying home with the girls before Scott is able to help with their schooling. I actually have talked to some couples in law enforcement who homeschool and they just make sure they always work different shifts. They love it.
So I have that few years to get in shape, mentally and physically, to do the job I want to do.

I can't even do real pushups. 
That's a requirement for the police academy.
I definitely need to get in shape with my running too, but right now I need something to focus on that doesn't involve dragging the girls around or having to pay a babysitter.
So I'm starting with pushups.

I want to be able to do 40-50 pushups at once without stopping. That's a lot.
So for the month of february, I'm going to do pushups sporadically thorughout the day, every day.
My goal is to have done 2000 by the end of the month.
That's an average of 70 pushups a day. 
It sounds goofy to me, but now that I've told you I'm doing, I would rather do the goofy pushups than face the embarrassment of giving up. 

Hey. It's better than nothing right?
Maybe in March I'll do situps or crunches or something. Then by the time the weather is better, I can move on to running.


  1. Pushups=death. I've been gradually working my way into REAL pushups. I'm moving out of the girl push ups into the real ones. So far I can do 20-30 without dying. I've been working on it for 2 weeks. Good luck superwoman!

  2. Um yeah. Can barely do girl push-ups so this is a major challenge for me. I'm only going to count real ones though so I can't cheat. 2000 is a lot so hopefully I will be able to do more than 5 at a time.

  3. Hey! I want to home school too! Michael and I are still talking about this.. and we don't even have kids.. haha :) AND i have always wanted to do crime scene investigation and such! haha - but I don't think I'll actually ever get to do it, it just doesn't make sense, and we want to end up on the missions field. so i have to choose between crime scene analyst or missionary... i choose missionary :) but so proud of you for wanting to do this, and I totally feel WAY more connected to you now.. not that I didn't before, but MORE so now :)


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