Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rednickisms 2

(Scott's version) = (English Word)

Sway = Suede
The King Ranch Ford trucks has leather and sway on the seats! (true life, he said that actual sentence)

They's = there is 
(ex- they's a pig in my truck)

D.O. = deodorant
Gimme some D.O. for my B.O. (He says that all the time in several different variations)

Saul = saw 
( ex- i saul you at the store)

~ he just said to me "well, Kim, I meant to do it on purpose" ~ 

voucher = vulture
It got ate up by one of those voucher things, or whatever you call them. (He said that about one of  the feral cats that roam around Albany)
maintance = maintenance
He doesn't say this one so much as write it. I guess it's just a spelling thing. He knows how to say it out loud.

Last but not least, a few days ago we were playing Draw Something against each other and her drew me a picture of a piece of paper with the names "Obama" and "Bush" with check boxes next to them. I entered the word "BALLOT". Incorrect. Lucky for me, I know the hubs so well i changed my guess to "BALLET". Got it right. I guess I can't make too much fun of him since I guessed the word, after all. 

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