Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Ramblings

Today's post is going to be some observations I've made. Also, my opinion on some things. I'll probably make someone mad, but I'm sure they'll continue reading anyway cause people who read blogs are nosy like that.

The world would be a better place without Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga. Ke$ha probably fits in the category as well.

Salty snacks just aren't as tasty without something sweet to go with them.
Bowl cuts aren't for females. I know this from personal experience. Actually, bowl cuts really aren't good for anyone.

Since the world is round, you could travel in a single direction infinitely.

Kids say the darndest things. Is that like...copyrighted or trademarked or something? I'm not sure. Props to Bill Cosby anyway.
My generation does little to inspire or encourage me about the future. That's a whole other post. Goodness.

My mom taught me how to cook. Also Rachael Ray and Alton Brown a little. Truth is, there are a lot of moms and a lot of daughters out there these days that can't cook worth a flip. What's wrong with you people? Feminism sucks. I'd rather be able to cook myself a big ole pot roast.

I always thought the phrase was "jerry-rigged". Turns out it can also be "jury-rigged". Who knew. English is boring though. If it were some exotic language, we would say something like "this is the work of one who cleans his hair with mud from his pigs back" instead of "someone jerry rigged this thing".  English is so uncreative.  I should learn a new language.

Blogging is awesome. And scary. It let's me write all my thoughts in one place, no matter how random or strange they are. The scary part is...well...all the things that are floating around in my brain. That's also the fun part cause people read about it and get a glimpse of what my day is like listening to my thoughts.


  1. I learned new words this Christmas season too. Did you know it was 3 colly birds in the 12 days of Christmas instead of 3 calling birds? Google it. I was shocked.

  2. Googled it. Mind. Blown. I feel like I need to google my entire life story just to make sure it's in my memory correctly.


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