Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm a Pot Hole

Hey! Big news.
Scott agreed to do my pushup challenge with me.
Turns out he actually reads this blog.

He is going to do 2000 also, but he works so much it will be a fair challenge.
He says I should count girl pushups at first cause it's better to do a full pushups than to try to do real pushups and not lower myself far enough...apparently he knows these things.

Maddy is hilarious.
She is so smart.
She had learned to take her diaper off, take it to the kitchen, put it in a grocery bag, then throw it out.
Sounds helpful right?
It's a nuisance. Half the time her diapers is brand new, fresh and dry, and she throws it out.

Lille is massive!
In a good, chubby, squishy, chunky way.
She is SO long too.
She is in size 2 diapers, 3-6 months clothes, and has more rolls than the Michelin Man.
I love it!

Oh yes, I'm addicted to Ruzzle.
It's a game on my phone...kinda like Boggle, and you can play against your friends.
I'm weird like that. I love words. 
My brain just figures things out really quickly I guess.
But that stupid game...Gems's like Bejeweled with numbers and you play against friends...hate that game. It's so stupid. 
Actually I like to play it, but I'm just not good at it.
It takes too much forethought to arrange the jewels rights to get all the bonus points.
I get anxiety when i play that game.

I filed our tax return.
Thank goodness for that.
I think the government should have to pay us interest on our money...I mean, they get our money for an entire year, then at the end of the year if we paid extra, they just give it back. Like...Oops, here is your money. I just found it in my pocket, but I'll give it back now.
But if one of us had the government's money, they'd have a freaking task force spying on us and we'd have to pay 39% interest on whatever we owed. (ok i exaggerate, but still)
What a scam.

Scott hasn't said enough lately to do a whole post, but this morning he said "I think all I did as a kid was listen to country music."
To me, that is hilarious. And probably true.
The man seriously knows the lyrics to EVERY song that comes on the radio. And he knows more country music than a Kicks 101.5 DJ. seriously.

Tomorrow is my first day of pushups. I'll keep up with them and let you know how many we get done.

k bye.
 Oh, and just so y'all get it, when I say "k bye", this is why: 

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