Saturday, January 5, 2013


Tonight I cooked The Pioneer Woman's Ranch Style Chicken. It was quite delicious. I also made her chocolate chip cookies. Also delicious.

I got her cookbook for Christmas. There are so many awesome recipes that I want to try but my budget is apparently a smudge tighter than hers.

So I am stuck with one or two recipes per week. I would love to cool nothing but PW recipes. Oh well.

I have also made her beef stew which was to die for.

And her Crash Hot Potatoes are fun and easy and delicious.

Am I sounding obsessed yet? Truth is, I want to BE the PW, except married to Scott with Moo and Chunk. But the rest of life is pretty awesome ... Huge ranch, horses and cows, hound dogs, kids running around, not to mention she is an awesome cook.

Does that count as a new year resolution? To become PW?

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  1. Did you get her first cookbook? Or the second one? I love BOTH of the books. And I would agree, her budget is huge and she also cooks for an army. I hate making her stuff because we have to eat it for days! :)


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