Tuesday, January 1, 2013

answered prayers


ignore all the errors please.bi attribute them to Nook glitches. So as I lay in bed last night I was thinking about how much God provided for my family this year. So many of my prayers were answered on a daily basis.

Then i got to thinking about all the people who have unanswered prayers. You know what i think? I think those people are praying for the wrong things. Maybe that is insenstige or whatever but that is how i feel.

I'M not saying you shouldn't pray for the things you want. Here is what I mean.

If you pray for more money or to get rich you will probably be miserable when it doean't happen. And it will put a damper on your faith. Instead pray for God to provide. He promises provision so your prayers are always answered and your faith will grow!

Instead of praying that God will change someone you dont like, ask for patience when dealing with that perwon. Ask for God to help you love them even when you dont like them. This prayer will change your attitude. Trust me. Also pray that God doewnt allow that person to have any power over you. These prayers will be answered much more desirably than praying to change the person.

Pray for your spouse to become the man or woman God designed them to be. Pray for God to help you recognize their good qualities and learn to love their flaws. Again, these prayere will be answered.

Every day my prayers are answered. It is amazing.

My husband loves his job and comes home safe.

My girls get good rest and wake up happy.

I enjoy doing housework. (Gasp! Its true).

I am slowly learning to love people i cannot stand.

I see God working in our lives. It is in the little things.

Another important part of prayers is giving thanks. I thank God for EVERYTHING. To the point of being ridiculous. Seriously. Thank him for your friends and family, food in the fridge, clothes in the closet a roof over your head, the car in the driveway and miney to put gas in it. Thank him that he gave you another day to enjoy. Thank him for things like running water and a water heater and your education. So many people lack all of these things. If you make a habit of thanking God for these things, you will stop taking them for granted. Life is great when you have a thankful spirit.

Anyway, my point is that God always provides. He is always giving to us andblessing us. We just have to learn to say please and thank you. Its all about your attitude.

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