Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Little Scooter

One of the scariest things about Scott becoming a police officer was all of the advice/warnings.
A ridiculously high percentage of police marriages end in divorce.
Every time he walks out the door, his life is at risk.
Being a police wife is one of the most difficult things. Blah Blah Blah.

Honestly, I can say that the people who have all of those issues probably had them before the law enforcement profession. I can see where the divorce rate might come in, because if you don't have a strong foundation before hand, being married to a cop will definitely rip you apart.

Buy the truth is, the most difficult thing to deal with is the crazy schedule. Every 4 months, he changes shifts. And instead of 8 hour shifts, they're 10.5 hour shifts, which makes for really odd sleeping patterns. 

I forget what day it is on a regular basis.
Right now, he works nights which means he is gone from 9pm until about 8 am.
That means I go to bed around 10, can't sleep because he's not there, wake up when he gets home at 8, doze until Maddy wakes up, and then spend the entire day trying (and failing) to keep the house quiet while he tries to sleep.

The dangerous side of his job doesn't bother me all the time. It's usually isolated incidents. 
Like when he works 2 hours overtime and wont answer his phone.
Or when I'm on the phone with him and all of a sudden I hear the emergency tone on his radio, he says a few choice words, I hear his car engine almost explode because he just accelerated to 115 miles and hour, and he hangs up. And then wont answer his phone for hours. That's some scary crap cause it usually means there's a burglary in progress or another officer needs help. So far, my fears have been unfounded.

There are plenty of awesome things about his job that far outweigh the bad parts.
For example, his uniform. The man can wear a uniform, let me tell ya.
Actually, I wont tell you cause it might inspire some inappropriate feelings.

We aren't rich, but he provides for all of us while I stay home with the girls. He'll always be underpaid, but he'll always make it work for us.

. This job has helped him realize that he CAN. 
 He has so much more confidence in himself, and that's sexy as heck.
I read a report he wrote the other day and was blown away at how well he writes, because 6 months ago he thought he would never be able to write a paragraph well or take a test and ace it.

He is super entertaining when he's on the job. He wears a bluetooth while on duty and occasionally I get butt dialed and get to listen in on a traffic stop or him talking to other officers.
It's hilarious when he doesn't know I'm listening.
And people get hysterical and start begging and acting crazy.
One time I was listening and Scott pulled a young guy over for running a stop sign.
Scott went through his whole procedure of getting the guys info, writing the ticket blah blah blah then he said "Sir, I'm giving you a ticket today for failing to stop at that stop sign." 
The kid (with lots of attitude and teenage angst) said "Nah."
Not like  a sad, disappointed, I can't believe I did that "Nah."
Like, he was telling Scott he wasn't gonna get a ticket.
Scott was like "Excuse me? What'd you just tell me?" I thought he was gonna whoop the kids butt. Apparently the guy thought so too cause he said "Yessir. Where do I sign?"

Sometimes is really strange to me that Scott is a police officer now. Other times I feel like he's never been anything besides a police officer. He's one of those people who really has a passion for what he does, one of the few who finds a job that's not work.

Most people spend a lifetime trying to find their passion and few succeed, at least not in the way that Scott has. I am so proud of him. 
He's always been told he wasn't smart enough, that he'd never go to college or get a good job. 
I don't know where people get off saying that to anyone.
So what if he doesn't have a degree. He's 22 years old and has a career. And no student debts.
So all you haters can back off...go spread your jealousy somewhere else. Please.

 This was a really long post, but my point is that I'm happy and proud to be a Police Officer's wife.


  1. Awe! I'm so proud of both of you. I pray for yall all the time, especially for God to keep you safe wether S is on duty or not. LYMI!

  2. I LOOOOOOOVED this post! :) I am proud of you for marrying such a fantastic man, and proud of him! :) and yes, I am totally reading EVERY post you EVER wrote on this blog because I haven't yet, and I'm being nosy, and you have intesified my longings for my own babies :) haha.. all in good time. :)


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