Monday, January 21, 2013

P-Dub Cooking

Lately I have been cooking from my Pioneer Woman cookbook I got for Christmas.
Everything has been delicious so far, and I just want to write a raving recommendation for some of them.
I've made Ranch Style Chicken. Delicious. And easy. Basically just marinade, grill, assemble. 

Also, Chicken Bacon Ranch Paninis are fantastic.
By the way, Panini is not a man-food word. I told Scott we were eating paninis for dinner and he huffed and said I better make a few for him cause he was hungry.
Then he barely finished the one I made  him.
 It's very similar to the ranch style chicken recipe.
I changed it up a little and used horseradish mustard instead of dijon.
mmm. I love horseradish.

Tonight we had french toast with berry butter.
Not a huge fan of the chunks of berry cause I'm a weirdo about texture but it was delicious.
I also made hashbrowns that actually turned out decent.

For lunch today I made the mixture for PW's make ahead breakfast muffins, which is like egg salad with some extras like bacon. Instead of making the muffins, though, I just had a sandwich.

All of these recipes are on the PW website. 
Her recipes are amazing.
Except you have to break out a calculator to figure out the measurements cause her recipes are for like...39 servings and I only need 2 or 3 servings.

Anyway, this week we are also going to have PW's layer salad, which isn't really anything special or creative. It's pretty self explanatory. Take all your favorite salad toppings and layer them in a big clear bowl. Lettuce, spinach, boiled eggs, bacon, cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons, raw veggies, cheese, and then top it with your favorite dressings mixed with either sour cream or mayo to keep it from dripping through on everything and getting soggy. 

PW is awesome!

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  1. MMMMMM! Horseradish. Didn't know you love it too. You just made me hungry.


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