Sunday, February 17, 2013

275? yikes.

We have 5 months left on our apartment lease.
That's only 5 more months of being stuck here.
That means we get to hopefully move into a house.
And that means we get to start looking :)

I've done 90 pushups today.
I plan on doing more though.
I have a few hours left to do them today.
That puts me at a total of 275   with 1725   left to go to reach my goal.
With 10 days left, I'm really going to have to work hard to get them.

We are starting insanity tomorrow.
The first day is a fit test, where you have to do 10 exercises for a minute each and do as many reps as possible.
I watched part of the video, and it looks crazy hard.
Any pushups I do as part of insanity are definitely counting toward my challenge.

Lillee has been taking her naps in the bassinet since Scott is sleeping during the day right now.
It's so cute to sit here and see just her feet stick up over the edge.
Sometimes she manages to grab them, and that's even cuter.

I have been craving some waffle house.
More for the coffee than the food.
I hope Scott will take me for dinner.


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