Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Didn't Quit

On Monday Scott and I were supposed to start Insanity.
Well, here's the problem...
I was getting ready to give Lillee a bath, bent over to pick her up off her towel, and almost hit the ground.
I had to lay down right there in the bathroom.
And then I had to wake Scott up with my cries for help.
He had to come pick me up off the floor, get Lillee dressed, and help me hobble/limp/shuffle to the couch.

I don't know if I pulled something or punched a nerve or what.
I was thinking I strained a tendon in my hip area, but the pain is VERY similar to when I had e. coli in my kidney, and that's no joke. 
When that happened, I had to get a stinking horse-size injection in my butt...ugh.

Nothing helped the the pain.
Ice made it worse.
A hot bath just couldn't quite get hot enough.
IcyHot didn't go deep enough.

Then I found some crazy yoga stretch.
Something about a pigeon I think.
It's probably called something like "pigeon pecks the sidewalk".
I don't know.
All I know is it's the only thing that helped and I managed to be mobile today.
Needless to say, I spent two days on the couch and Scott basically did everything for me, including taking care of the girls.
Bad news is that I can't do pushups.
Heck, I can't even get in or out of bed without acting like a drunk.
I'm glad I'm not hurting so bad now, but I'm angry that I can't finish my challenge.
And now we have to postpone our Insanity because Scott wont let me do it until I can measure up to his standards (whatever they are...). I don't know if he'll ever let me work out again.

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