Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ok, so I have so much to write about to get all caught up on everything.
First off, why i haven't been writing.
I've been pretty busy with puking and ER visits and such.
Last monday just before dinner, Maddy started puking.
By 2 am we were headed to teh ER because she was screaming and puking and just miserable.
Luckily we didn't have to wait at all.
Unfortunately, the doctors didn't seem to care a whole lot.
Basically, they walked in, look at her ear, said she had an ear infection, and wrote a prescription.
Didn't bother to look at anythign else or ask any questions.
Didn't bother to address the dehydration.

So trhough all of this I started having lower back/kidney pain.
I thought at first I had injured my back/hip by working out but by wednesday, I couldn't get up off the couch without being in excruciating pain.
Then wednesday night I slept on the couch and woke up at 4 am puking. great.
It got so bad i had to call Scott and have him come home early.
He ended up taking me to the ER at noon. 
What a joke.
There I was, having to ride in a wheelchair and nearly puking my guts up, with a husband and two babies dragging along, and they want us to wait for a regularl room instead of taking us in the ER.
So I made Scott take the girls home and I sat there all by my lonesome for 5 hours before they called me.
It got so bad sitting there that I climbed out of the wheelchair, hobbled like a grandma over to a bench, and laid down. It hurt so bad i was willing to get the hospital bench germs just to get some relief.
Finally they called me back and I got 2 whole bags of fluids cause I was so darn dehydrated.
And after a couple more hours of lying there grimacing,  they finally gave me some morphine, and lemme just tell ya, that's some good stuff! 
They turned my lights off and i got the best 2 hours of sleep i have EVER gotten.
Then I got pissed off some more cause at 9pm, the doctor came back and said nothing was wrong with my kidney, sorry, bye.
P.S. try taking Motrin.

anyway here I am feeling fine, but through that whole ordeal I managed to completely fail my pushup challenge, and totally neglect the blog.


Now on to more pressing matters.
Mama Laughlin posted on her blog about how to start/write a blog and make it popular.
You should read it for yourself but she said things like "be yourself"(I got that down pretty good), post pictures (who doesn't want to see my kids a million times, right?), and do giveaways(I only have 2 followers, and I know them personally, so I may as well just send them something in the mail. then I don't have to bother with picking a winner).
Anyway, I think she has some good advice on there.
One of the  biggest ways she inspires me, and something  that I really want to work on but haven't fully achieved is writing whatever she wants.
There are some things I just don't write, or am hesitant to talk about, just because I worry that 'so-and-so' might read it and know I'm talking about them.
If you just got paranoid that I'm talking about you, you're probably right.
One last thing before the good stuff.
I want to take Maddy and Lillee to Disney World SO STANKIN BAD.
Scott thinks its dumb but whatever.
My friend from Yes, We Did That On Purpose just took her chirruns last week and I am so jealous of how much fun they had.
Every picture they posted made me wish we were there with them.
Her LibbyJ is the funnest, funniest, most precious little girl and I would almost be afraid of putting Maddy in the same amusement park because they might tear the place down, but I know Maddy would just love it!
Anyway, since I don't have Disney pics to share, I'll just share our "at home" pictures.

Maddy decided to chill on the couch. She just curled up with her blanket.

She has this special tv watching pose.

Lillee is too stinking cute.

I put my FAVORITE bowl on a hot burner like a dumbo.
 Maddy like to wear Daddy's boots.
 Daddy and Chunk
 Scott has been teaching Maddy to growl. She does this face...
 Me and Moo built a fort in the living room. I think I enjoyed it more than Maddy did.

I'm still wishing for Disney.

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