Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rambling about these great ladies

Our insanity kit should be here in the next few days. I am super excited and a little worried. Since we ordered it, I found one of the videos online and we tried it. The first time we barely finished the warm up segment. I tried it again and managed to get through half of it. Yesterday I made another attempt and still couldnt get past 20 minutes. And now, after 3 days of only halfway finishing, I feel like a zombie. Thank goodness the real insanity kit has other workouts to do.

We are going all out with this. We are going to take pictures and measurements and all. And we are going to count calories and try to stick to an eating plan. I have already done a weeks worth of counting calories and eating healthier. It's not much but I haven't given up yet so that's a good start.

It is so difficult to get fit and lose weight when you have no idea where to start and everyone makes you feel like you have to go all out and never mess up.

Having other blogs is a major factor in trying to get fit. I regularly read Mama laughlin's blog. She is amazing and inspiring. More importantly, I read a blog by one of our close friends, whom I refer to as Miss Cochran(technically Mrs. Cochran). She is awesome. You should read her blog but I'm not sure if she wants it to be shared. I'll find out and share it if she doesn't mind. Otherwise, sucks for you, cause you're missing out big time.

Mama Laughlin made me realize that you do what works for you right now. Maybe one day you want to eat all organic, real foods. But that's a major change and very hard to do. My goal is to eat all organic, whole, real foods. But for now, I'm going to stick with counting my calories and eating the healthier choices, even when it's not necessarily the best thing in the world. The point is to choose what's better.

Miss Cochran helped me realize that you don't Have to be perfect and just because you count calories doesn't mean you have to live off spinach and wheat straw. What's important is to be honest, with yourself and anyone you share your journey with. Guess what... She eats bacon and donuts and drinks coffee and has chickfila. And she is painfully honest in her food diaries about everything she eats. But guess what else... She is still losing weight, looking awesome, and getting fit. She is the reason I finally had one of those moments where it just clicked and I suddenly felt motivated. Did I mention she has two chirruns and works full time as a teacher AND a coach? I don't want to hear any more excuses.

I know this is a little boring and long and redundant but I want everyone to know just how important these girls are to me. If you don't know Miss Cochran, I hope you have an amazing woman like her in your life. And if you do know her, you are incredibly blessed. Also, you should read Mama Laughlin's blog cause she is as real as it gets.

Update: you can read the blog " yes, we did that on purpose " at

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