Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scooter, the kid

225 pushups total so far.
(70 for today)
that's not too terrible.
so far that's an average of 45 a day...25 short of what i need to average in order to stay on track.

I'm not quitting though.
My arms weren't as sore today. 
I do think there something out of adjustment in between my neck and shoulder blade area...but i can't afford a chiropractor so I'm hoping it works itself out.

Maybe if i sleep on it wrong it will fix it instead of make it worse.

Today was pretty boring.
Stayed up late with Scott watching TV. He got up early for some insane reason.
Or no reason at all.
So I tried to get up too but ended up taking a nap with Lillee.
Then we just got to hang out all day.

And Scott built a rifle out of Moo's little connect-linky-cube-blocky-things.


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