Saturday, February 2, 2013

well, yeah, kinda.

This is a random post...I was just thinking about something Scott told me and I had to share.
It actually happened a week or two ago.
Scott went to a house on a call about a juvenile acting up.
Apparently the kid was trying to run away or some nonsense.
So Scott talked to the kid(I'll call him Darrell). 
Well Darrell still wanted to be a smart mouth and act all tough, so Scott made a big ordeal of putting Darrell in handcuffs and  telling him he was going to the youth detention center.
After a few minutes of talking to the parents and letting Darrell think about his behavior, Scott let Darrell out and asked him if was gonna behave.
Darrell said he would be good blah blah blah and Scott told him to go hug his mama and tell her sorry.
Darrell apologized and got all teary eyed.
Having successfully restored peace and love to the family, Scott stuck around for a few minutes to talk to Darrell and know, you're friendly neighborhood cop being a good influence on our youth. yada yada yada.

Ok. So, I know there hasn't been anything even slightly interested of funny yet.
No pain no gain, y'all.
if I'm gonna tell you something funny, I gotta give you all the boring details that I had to listen to.

Back to the story.
Dad says "you always hear about cops eating donuts and drinking coffee all the time. I guess you do real work too."
Darrell says to Scott "do you eat donuts?"
Scott: "Do I look like I eat donuts?"
Darrell: " Well, yeah, kinda."

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