Sunday, May 5, 2013

A tribute to swan lady

Just wanted to share this article with y'all about the apocalypse. It is very entertaining:) Now, on to the good stuff. This is all from yesterday.

Scott had drill this weekend, I decided to go ahead and cook a few things for this week. I probably spent about 2 hours total, but some of that included putting away groceries. I also saved money because I went ahead an separated my food into meals. Normally we would just eat it all at once. yes, we're pigs.
 I made 24 "grandmother" tacos. We call them that because my grandmother taught us the recipe and hers are the BEST I have ever had. And it's funny cause she doesn't even use spices or anything in hers, but they're still way better. Anyway, 24 tacos made 3 meals of 8. I'll serve it with rice and black beans. Here's what I paid and how to make them:

Corn tortillas-30 pack for $2.69
Ground beef- 2.5 pounds for $8.14-I only used half of it
Pepper jack cheese- 8 oz block for $3.59-I used about 6 oz on the tacos, then maddy ate the rest
Rice and beans I buy in bulk, dried, so they will cost me pennies.
So total, for 3 meals, I spent $14.42. That's 5 bucks a meal.

Anyway. to make them, I dice an onion, sautee in olive oil. When the onions turn translucent, I add in my ground beef and brown it. My grandmother would stop there with the meat, but I add a little chili powder, cumin, and garlic. I don't measure, I just throw it in and stir it up.

Next you slice the cheese (I slice it thick, but do your own thang.) Heat oil to low-medium in a skillet. I always give my oil a good 5 minutes to heat up, and the low-medium heat is more than enough. Plus I'm able to cook in olive oil at a low temp instead of canola or vegetable oil.

So you lay a corn tortilla in the oil, holding one edge up. Lay a slice of cheese down on it, scoop some meat in there, fold the edge over to make a taco, then lay your spatula or tongs over it to close it. Once the tortilla start to fry a little, you can move the tongs. it takes a good 2-3 minutes per side to get them nice and crunchy. When they're done, you just scoop them up with the tongs, gently shake the grease/oil out of each one back into the skillet, and lay flat on paper towels. I let them rest a few minutes so they aren't greasy. Anyway, it's super easy and they are a thousand times better than store bought taco kits.
 I also made this BBQ meatloaf, which is delicious (I had a slice for lunch). I didn't use a recipe, just threw stuff in a bowl and baked it. Here's my tip though. Line your pan with foil and when your wrap the edges of the foil around the pan, wrap it a little too tight to the bottom lifts up off the pan. Poke one or two smalls holes in the foil. This way the grease drips out the bottom and you can easily lift your meatloaf out of the pan, peel the foil off, and slice it without making a mess. And I promise, it wont make it dry out! This one was juicy and delicious even without all that grease!
Maddy wore this outfit. It's a winter outfit but it was FAreezing yesterday. was in the upper 40s and rainy.

The lovely mess that Maddy and Greta are constantly regenerating. It takes 5 minutes to clean it up and 30 seconds for them to destroy everything again.

I rearranged our room. By myself. Scott doesn't know yet. See that dresser thing? It's called a mule chest. It weighs about a thousand pounds and is actually two pieces that screw together (but aren't screwed together right now.). It's bulky and huge and a pain in the rear. And our room is tiny. So in order to move all the furniture (the mule chest was in the corner to the left that insn't visible here), I had to stand the mattresses up, then scoot the mule chest a few feet, then scoot the mattresses around it, then scoot the chest a few feet, then the mattresses etc etc until I finally got it set up. It took about an hour just to move all the furniture. ugh.

Chunk love her crawl ball. It has a mechanism inside that makes it roll around on its own. It makes her really mad when it rolls away. That's sort of the know, so she has to crawl to it. She hasn't figured it out yet.

Here...I'll show you.
Here, she likes it.

She's a little upset with it.



Open. Cloooooose. Happy. Sad. You see, happy we open. High. Sad we cloooooosed. low.
-Mrs. Swan

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