Thursday, May 9, 2013

I love linkups!


  Unlike my sibling  I have absolutely no fashion sense. Jeans and a Tshirt baby.

  My best friend says... I'm a nut.

  People call me... at freaking 10 pm when I am about a nanosecond from sweet sleep. Jerks.

  I most often dream... crazy stuff that's not even possible. Like dinosaurs cooking dinner, or riding around with police officers shooting up bad guys.

  The best part of my day... usually passes within 3 seconds.

I really don't understand... Maddy's language. She says things like "wish wash shooo she EEEE tah"
  I get really annoyed... (am I supposed to finish this, or can I just make it a statement)

  There's nothing like an...easy to clean pot or pan. It's like instant happiness.
  Lately, I can't get enough... sunshine. I love that it's finally summer!

  One thing I am NOT is... my mother. Oh wait...dang.
  I spent too much money on...uh...diapers? story of my life.
 . I want to learn... how to sew.  

  If I ever met Hubby Jack, I would... probably not know who he was...I'm terrible at remembering people.

  I can't stop... squeezing Chunk's fat rolls. SO CUTE!

  Never have I ever...bought a lottery ticket. No not one.

. Reese Witherspoon... was pretty funny when she got arrested in ATL.

that's the end of the link-up...

 I have been hauling my chubby self to the tennis court with the stroller and Greta every day for nearly two weeks at least once a day. It's a lot of work to get two babies and a puppy/dog to the tennis court, lock the gates, and then walk laps while they play. It's hard work y'all. Especially when you're chubby.

Yesterday I took the girls and Greta on a walk. I stopped at the little mail house to check the mail and the apartment manager was outside, so we stopped to chat. She wanted the other employees to see the girls so we had a little meeting right there at the office.

They gave Maddy a cookie. And a sucker.

They said something along the lines of "dang girl all that walkin is really workin huh? you lost all your baby weight!"

Made my day:)

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