Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday-Recipes=D

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
ok. I've been trying to decide what in the world I could list out for my top ten this week. 
I guess I will do recipes because I love to cook but don't post recipes as often as I should. 
I think today I'll list/talk about my top ten and then over the next week or, I'll post actual recipes.

Here we go...

10. Chicken Broccoli Braids
  • quick
  • easy
  • delicious
  • you don't need to cook sides!
This is a pampered chef recipe my mom picked up at a party years ago and we've loved it ever since!
9. Pot Roast Goulash
basically just rice, lima beans, and pot roast all mixed together.
I'm a weirdo and like to add mayo and ketchup too.
it looks totally disgusting but it it SO good.
8. Ritz Chicken
Possibly the easiest thing I've ever made.
Chicken, butter, crackers.
That's it. It's to die for!
7. Grandmother Tacos
 These are VERY similar to the Pioneer Woman's recipe except with ground beef.
I call them that because I learned how to make them from my Grand-mutha. 
She hates the "mutha"...she'll say "no. it's GrandMOTHER". ha
6. Salmon Patties
Another easy, if not so quick dish.
I grew up eating these all the time, and it's one of the few dishes my dad can cook better than my mom. (sorry mutha:))
Yet another PW recipe.
She's the bomb.
I usually serve it with a salad and some sort of red potato side dish.

4. Chrisy's Chili
My mom's BFF has the most amazing secret recipe that includes a bottle of your favorite beer (or whatever your husband happens to leave in the fridge). It's one of those simmer-all-day-long recipes and it good SO many way.
Hot dogs, frito pie, a big ole bowl of chili, burgers...whatever you put chili on, this makes it a thousand times better.

3.Vegetable Beef Soup
This is a recipe from my Mama again. 
She has some secrets that I can't divulge, but it's probably my #1 favorite soup of all time.

2. Bourbon Salmon
Kroger or Publix used to sell the bourbon/brown sugar mix that they use on the prepackaged stuff, but now you can only buy it premarinated.
I'm almost certain my mom has her own recipe now.
It's probably the most genius way to cook a big ole hunk of salmon (btw in my family, you better pronounce that L or you're gonna get some stank eyes for being too hoity toity).

1. This one was tough because there are two recipes that I can't choose between. 
So for number 1 I'm gonna say "casseroles".
The first is chicken casserole, by my mama. 
This is like..."pick-your-birthday-dinner" material.
Second is Grandmother's squash casserole.
The woman is old-fashioned and doesn't even use salt and pepper, and yet somehow her food is my absolute favorite.

So there you have it.
If you haven't tried these and/or want an exact recipe, just ask! 
or come back in a few days to see if I've posted it yet;)

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