Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photo/Video Dump Part 1

I was letting Chunk crawl around naked cause she had a diaper rash. One minute she was scootin along, the next she was out like a light.

Greta looking scruffy and scraggly. She's looking better everyday!

Daddy and Greta sharing the dog bed. How fitting:)

Mama and Chunk

I think I may have already posted this pic. Maddy's "shorts" are actually a pair of Chunk's legging that don't fit anymore. Greta loves the girls ...most of the time.

Daddy and the girlies. This is the closest thing to family picture I have.

Dinner at the BBQ house. Nowhere near as good as Johnny's.

Bubble bath! It turned the water pink and Maddy wasn't sure what to do.

Chunk's adorable outfit today. It was cold and rainy. I love her little shoes:) She was upset, can you tell?

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