Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glad yesterday is Finished

Well. Yesterday was a rough day.
Scott's phone is out of commission, so while we wait on the warranty replacement to arrive, we are communicating via e-mail.
I'm not sure if you know this, but in the absence of a smart phone, one must use a computer with internet access in order to read e-mail. 
I don't know if you know this, but most police cars have a computer with internet access inside the vehicle.
Well, guess what?! Scott is the lucky new officer who gets the pool car with no computer. Ha.
So anyway we also have been having some issues with the car and needed to take it to the dealership. Scott drove the car to work, which means it was in a gated, secured parking deck at the police department all day while Scott was in his computerless patrol car.
Scott doesn't get off until 6 and that's when the dealership closes so we were trying to figure out how in the world to get our car taken care of before we go out of town.
Turns out they have this nifty overnight drop off where you pull your car up under the awning and use a special envelope for your key and then put it in a slot.
The technician told me the key deposits "safely inside the building".
So Scott got home last night and we all loaded up in two different vehicles, drove to the dealership, filled out the form, put the key in the envelope, and dropped it through the little slot.
It did, indeed, drop inside the building.
Safely, though, not so much. I could have easily stuck my whole arm into the slot and retrieved my key, along with the keys to several other vehicles that had been dropped off.
We left the car there anyway.
Then we loaded back up into the honda and went to the grocery store.
By this point it was past the girls' bed time and to be honest it was past mine and Scott's.
We kind of wandered aimlessly through the store trying to find things on my list, being mostly unsuccessful because our store was understocked on pretty much everything.
And then oh-so-conveniently the more expensive option would be "on sale" a.k.a. still twice the price of what I wanted.
Like lettuce. I always buy fresh lettuce, and they were totally out. Then we walked over to the prepackaged stuff, which was buy one get one free. but the freaking stuff is like 5 bucks a bag.
Same thing with the butter, cooking oil, squash, all frozen veggies, potatoes, etc.
All teh off brand stuff was just conveniently sold out.
Then we get to the check out and I have a pork loin and a london broil both on BOGO free.
There's one lane open and before the girl starts ringing us up, she picks up her cell phone, walks around to another (empty) lane, plugs her phone in and checks her facebook.
And the manager is standing there and says NOTHING!!
So after bagging my own groceries, getting an evil look from Scott because it was too expensive, and getting the groceries out to the car, I check my receipt.
My BOGO stuff all rang up at full price.
Um, not cool.
So I went back inside and talked to the customer service girl.
Turns out our store only does the discount if you actually buy two.
Now I know that seems a little goofy for me to be upset but EVERY OTHER store I've ever shopped in will give you half price on a BOGO item, even if you only buy one.
So by that time it was 9 pm and we were all tired and hungry and mad at the grocery store because they pretty much just suck all around. I'll be using a different store from now on.
So as gross as it is, we decided to grabMcDonalds.
Turns out their new premium McWraps are actually pretty good.
Anyway, the guy who took our order in the drive thru was SOOOO soft spoken Scott kept saying HUH? What?? and Scott kept getting louder and louder, and finally he just drove around to the window. So the guy told us our total and Scott handed the guy his debit card  driver's license.
I said "babe, your good looks won't pay for dinner tonight"
So after laughing hysterically at the dude's face and giving him the actual debit card, Scott pulled forward to the window to get our food. The guy says "can you pleaes pull forward and I'll bring your food out"...HECK NAW. That's actually what Scott said. That poor McDonalds guy. He thought Scott was serious for just long enough to make him panic before he realized Scott was smiling. 
Then they took 10 minutes to make our food so Scott wasn't really smiling anymore.
Then we got home and unloaded the kids and groceries, ate dinner and went to bed.
Fast forward to 6am, the alarm goes off, Scott snoozes it, and I roll over and try to go back to sleep.
30 seconds later I remember....the groceries are all still sitting on the kitchen counter.

On a good note:

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