Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welfare Bees

Fresh basil from my patio garden. This smells heavenly.

Homemade pizza dough (and my basil again).

While I waited for my dough to rise, I chilled on the couch with Greta.

Then we went outside to play. Yes. That's a baby bath tub.

She content to pour the water from cup to cup.

Then she realized the Greta wasn't with us. "Where's Greta?"

I guess she was going to find Greta.

"Mom, where's Greta?"

The child has some sass, for sure.

The dumb rooster is in the trees directly behind Maddy. About 3 seconds before this picture Maddy saw it run up into the trees.

She eventually came back to play in the tub.

Well, almost.

Then she changed her mind.

She's proud of that belly.

"hey yee" (That's Lillee)

Checking on "yee"

The finished product. Homemade dough, fresh basil pesto with some walnuts, cheddar cheese, and fresh summer squash from a friend's garden. YUM!

Now, I'd like to share something with you about my family. You see, we're kind of lawn mower snobs. Actually not just lawn mowers, but anything with a small engine. My parents own and operate a small engine/lawn mower/gokart shop. They have always sold the top brands and been one the best dealerships around. So when we see either junky brands or people who don't know what they're doing/talking about, we make jokes about it. I realize how NOT normal that is. Here's an example:
 A normal person wouldn't see the error. But "tecumson" is nonexistent. It's actually Tecumseh. Actaully to be acurate, it's not Tecumseh anymore either. They're long dead and gone and out of business. Anyway, My  mom and I got a good laugh from it.

Then there's this:
Yes, I realize I derive far too much pleasure from peoples' mistakes on craigslist. I've never heard of "rawed" iron, and I'm not too sure I'd want a bar stool made out of it.

Update on my squashies: Well, the seductive charm of Marigolds seems to be doing the trick. I had to throw out about 8 fruits that were going soft, but now I have 3 or 4 fruits that are maturing better. They're almost the right size. Maybe my bees are lethargic from the impossible-to-breathe-overly-dense-ozone-humidity. Or maybe they're like everyone else around here and are chilling at home waiting on the 1st to roll around to get their check they didn't work for.

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