Monday, May 20, 2013

Oops, I lied

Well, I though I was getting ready to write my 100th post for this blog, then I realized that Blogger had saved 8 drafts that ended up being blank, so I actually only have 91 posts.
So be on the look out in the coming days/weeks for my special 100th post 
Until then, I'll try to keep you entertained.

 Here's Scott being a goof with his gas mask. "Maddy, I am  your father"
 Maddy at just 8 weeks old. I forgot how tiny and skinny she was. Chunk was NEVER this small.
Maddy around 3 1/2 to 4 months.  I'm not quite as chubby now and Maddy has grown SO much.

I was hoping to post some old photos today but i didn't bring any home with me from my Mom's. I got to go through a few boxes, but I accidentally packed up all the ones I set aside. 
I found some hilarious ones and realized that not only am I just like my mother, but my children are just like me! Maddy looks EXACTLY how I did at her age, right down to the eyebrow scrunch and the big blue eyes.

On a different topic, while we were at my parents' this weekend, Scott got locked in the basement. 
He turned the lights out, knocked on the door, then stood really still.
My mom opened the door, looked, and was about to close the door back when she saw two big white eyes staring up at her.
Needless to say,, she screeched like something got a hold of her and Scott laughed LOUD.

I'm sorry to disappoint with my 92nd post, but we'll get to 100 soon enough.

Ok, about 10 seconds after I published, I took a video of Maddy dancing to a commercial.
Here's the commercial that's playing on TV (don't ask...we live in Albany)...

And i missed the first half of her dance, but here's what I got on video:

Alrighty. There ya go!


  1. YOU WERE HERE AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME?? I'm mad... but only a little bit.

  2. That dance was priceless! LOVED this post and so glad you are back writing them - missed hearing from you! :)

  3. Love it! That commercial is really... special.


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