Friday, July 5, 2013

Maddy Eve

It's Maddy eve!
We are riding down the highway through Fort Benning Military Reserve, bored out of our minds.
Maddy slurped down her iced lemonade a few minutes ago and got a major brain freeze.
For a few minutes there I was worried about her mental health.

She had her lips curled back, her bottom jaw stuck out, was screaming and her tongue was sort of just flopping around (I guess it was kind of numb). Thank goodness she came to her senses and is acting normal again.

So what do you do on the eve of Maddy? Well, probably you do nothing out of the ordinary. We will be having a special dinner with granny and paps and auntie Leah and the little rat dog Sasha.

Just to make Maddy eve special, here are some of Maddy's sayings.

Bye bye poo poo (or pee pee).

One. Two. Fwaoul. Domm. One. Two.

Heetah. Ooo. STOP!  Heetah, NO!

Yee. Yee? Hey yee. I washooo!

Bye dad. Hagoo day!

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